Thursday, January 26, 2017

on call again..

 writing a blog generally assures that i will get a phone call to come to work.  last night i ran the continuous dialysis machine all night.  they had called with a plea.  i have been just avoiding it since they rarely give it to me anyway and i don't feel as much was appreciated as they had limited experience.  good to be a mini hero every so often i guess.  i am the monkey running the machine is what i always tell them.  it went fine.  could have run it again tonight or taken the on call..happy to take the on call though.  can you see Tuskers eye ball above.
 do not think i've put these in...if i have a few repeats...sorry.  i was able to repaint my flower garden on both sides of my driveway the other morning before we went walking...of course, last night it began to rain and my garden is gone now.  boo.  it does look pretty and makes me smile.
 have been having an underlying anxiety it seems off and on with this election i guess.  it seems more on that off since the actual election day results and the inauguration.  it's like a sense of doom.  i realize many on the right, several of my family members included would say i'm a whiner and should just let it go...they won.  i fear that his run will do grave damage to all of us though. really, it means i need to get out of bed, get active and not just sit back and do nothing but complain on facebook.
 i also sense that my relationship with several family members will be permanently harmed....has been harmed.  each day is another run of bad news with what this new Potus signs.  i try and remind myself that he can sign all he wants it doesn't always mean that it will end up doom and gloom.  i know he has his party on his side, but there will be some stuff that won't get followed through on.
 right now i feel as though the game is more personal.  these rights are pissed, feeling apparently that they have had to give up's time for the left to pay.  just how far they will go is unknown. i don't think it's overly helpful in the big picture but i do sense their anger is going to have to play out.  not sure there will ever be any satisfying of this anger though.  mostly, i have to remind myself, that i do not have any power to change these daily proclamations.  i can only move forward, do what i feel is right.  i have a sense of fear for our nation...he seems set on silencing science, silencing the media and silencing the vote... as they fell for his birther crap they seem to be falling for getting news only from limited sources, he seems to have convinced many that anything but him, his people and fox news are fake news...despite the facts.  his people are asking people to believe "alternative facts".  he continues to push this nonsense that 3 million people voted fraudulently and they all voted for Hillary.  mostly, my concern is this is just to make his people have no faith in our elections/voting systems...this will all work towards a total take over.
 we really are in a position where we need the GOP to step up and save our nation, but will they?  will they stand up to this unstable POTUS?  not sure any of them have the courage.  as i stated in a not let your hate trump your love of country.  we shall see.
 wind and rain today.  slushy and icy roads out there.  no walk today.  lazy and tend to avoid windy days...seems higher risk.  stuff falling, limbs.

 these are probably repeats...these guys are super cute though so i don't mind a repeat i guess.
 tough to get pics of us all.
 always fun trying.
 bark box arrived and today my little free library arrived.  will have to design it and then in the spring set it up in the front.  not sure how to deal with the snow for next year...maybe set it back a bit so it doesn't get taken out by the snow plows.
 as close as i got i guess to a family shot.
 pups enjoyed our week of snow though.  super fun. i enjoyed it as well.
 watched a lot of "call the midwife" just to distract myself.  time to distract more with action though i suspect.
 try to keep positive, try not to get mired in depression and negativity.
 did post a pretty nasty post...really tired of the right claiming to be the party of God.  especially with this current POTUS and his history of words.
 some have posted these things about finally having God back in our nation or God back in the whitehouse...i just posted that God has never left our nation. that God is where he wants to be and that God is not a Democrat or a Republican.  he is God to all.  such a bizarre view of the world really.  seems pretty brazen to believe that you and your party somehow have Gods blessing over others.
 Evan was on CNN again today i think..he had made a small run for POTUS out of Utah.  when i have heard him speak he is a voice of reason, he is calm.  i do believe he may have a future and bring some hope for others.  we may not agree on everything but he seems very rational in this newer world.
 i think many of the younger folks in our nation have just grown up with this new normal and the racist views of those older than them just seem rather foreign.  they also have grown up with the idea that global warming is happening and do not so easily dismiss it.
 i may try for a nap. sleeping when i have an on call is never really easy for me.  cat naps can help though.
 my cuties.
 pup classes went fine this week.  we walked the bog yesterday, mostly on leash .  they did great.  i better try for a short rest. at least kick my legs up
 loved the skies here.
 and my sweet Ivy Rose's face here.
 thought my drive looked pretty cool.

 peace, love, joy...hopefully we will all be okay in the end...and if we aren't, it's not yet the end, right?
thankful for: A. the news...may they seek the truth and continue to share it  B.  opposing views C.  calm...i need it some days.

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