Monday, January 9, 2017

day on the ice...

 finally took the kids to Portage Lake/Glacier.  could have left earlier...would have had better light but may have also been on the ice when the glacier calved, which i think would have freaked me out.
 the ice held, just water sloshed up between the cracks.  freaky just to see as you are walking anyway.  i'm a bit of a chicken some times anyway...i call it a healthy concern.  it's kept me safe...probably prevented some good photo ops.  today there were folks right up on the glacier face..i only went just a bit past where you see me here. the glacier can calve from above or  below the ice line.  the glacier is tidewater so there is ice below.  i'd think you could get sucked in if you were too close and some dropped off.  that would be it.
 these were taken by a kindly stranger.  the first one a few above was taken with the timer mode...i made several attempts...much to the entertainment of some of my fellow walkers apparently as every time i attempted to come get in the shot with the pups who were sitting so nicely..Ivy started jumping up on me.
 the heart in front of us is ashes.  brought the bridge furs along as i thought they may like a resting place with a grand view...doesn't get much grander than this right?
 you can see the damp part on the ice where the water sloshed through in the foreground above.
 there were loads of folks on the lake when i was heading in so i kept the pups on leash the entire way in.  this was a challenge.  pulling pups a bit on ice, not to mention loose dogs and strange stuff like what are those things you stand on with big wheels. anyway...someone was on that dragging a sled with a buddy behind.  there were bikers and ice skaters.  lots of ice though so if you do go, take spikes.
 i'm sure i had a few meltdowns along the way.  on the way back there were far fewer folks out and i think i was less anxious on the ice since i'd gained confidence on the walk in. really the pups were on mostly so they didn't fall in to some hole in the ice.  i still made them stick close to me.  no gaping holes were noted by the way.
 no sunshine as the mountains were blocking the sun.  you really do need to head out a bit earlier than i did i think.  be there by 9-10 and i got there closer to 1pm.  girls gotta sleep in.
 a woman i walked briefly with on the way back...who let me know she and her family were cracking up watching me attempt to get pictures with the pups and the light one kept jumping. she said her watch thing said it was 2 3/4 mile one way. i guess i'd always thought it was more like 2 miles each way.  it does make sense.  soon after i started back towards the car my fitbit vibrated saying i'd hit 10,000 steps.  that is generally around 4 miles i find.
 still just pretty out there.  fun to go.  had no idea people did this trek until a few years ago..probably 3 as i think the last 2 years the lake hasn't completely frozen
 ended up putting pups back on leash as we got closer to the cars.  not that they were being bad, but Tusker seemed on a mission to get back to the car.  had to slow him up a bit.  not sure if he was cold or just tired.
 they did fall quickly into a pretty nice nap after we got loaded back in the car.
lots of cracks noted but the ice seems stable as i said.

 enjoying their freedom for a bit.  i colored her glacier blue...probably more to keep me from getting annoyed with her.  she is super sweet, but she's kind of high energy and too excited some can make you a bit nuts.  who can be upset with a blue and green dog though?
 last night i watched a documentary on living a more minimalist life.  it wasn't necessarily get rid of everything and live on a commune.  just more get rid of all the crap, simplify, buy less, live with less.  i have too much crap.  it does seem a good idea to me to go through bit by bit and declutter, clear out stuff.
 keep it small.  so last night and tonight i just did one small drawer.
 Tusker checks out the cracks...was there odd smells from below. Ivy looks adorable laying on the ice.
 their paws do not seem the least bit sore which is great.  always concerned.  they did do some slipping around the ice.
 i am for sure sore tonight from my ice walk.  takes some extra attention to maintain a standing position on all that ice. even with my ICEBUGS my grip slipped a few times.
 when i headed on the ice some young woman was coming up in high heel boots no less.  i sure hope that poor girl didn't go all the way to the glacier in those.  what are people thinking in their clothing choices.  yes, i know i'm no fashionista, but some practicality seems merited when you are doing outdoor activities in AK and it's below 5 degrees F.
 these are a few from the lovely drive home.
 lots of ice out there.  i think high tide was around 6 pm tonight.

 the lights on the ski runs at Alyeska.
 always like the train tracks at sunset.  catch the glow.

 i remember reading an article in one of those good housekeeping or whatever mags my mom kept around.  it was a short article about it being okay to be mediocre at many things rather than feel some need to be perfect at one thing.
 i think too often we just seem to take everything to extreme in our society.  if you have to have all the right clothes, read the books, have a training plan, prepare for a marathon.  if you cook, you need to have all the right tools, expensive ones, and take classes...
 we are working on settle while i write.  too much late night barking for my liking.
 the rest of these are from my walk the other day in N.  Biv.
 anyway.  the article was for me this great epiphany.  forget about being number one.  often we find ourselves lacking since we don't excel at things we try and it was just's ok to not have to have the gear and work towards some grand you enjoy a thing?  then do it.
 there does seem a lot of pressure.  social media adds to that pressure.  everyones lives appear perfect. everything seems like a competition. how far did you run or walk.  who's photo is better.  who's camera is better, what new shoe are you wearing, do you have the latest gear, the newest version of hte phone.  i wish everyone would stop competing with each other and just enjoy the life they have.
 i also wish folks would hang on to stuff a bit longer rather than feeling some need to replace things just because a newer option became available.
 watching that movie and also watching episodes of those tiny house hunter shows. i do suspect many in the next generation coming up are realizing that the huge homes and debts that their parents existed with are not really that appealing.  they want more freedom.  financial freedom but just freedom in general.  they don't want to be as tied to stuff or a place.
 i think the pups are starting to settle.  maybe that nap in the car was too much.
 they will wake tomorrow raring to go and forgetting todays long walk.
 not sure i will awake feeling so ambitious.  monday walk and dentist...thinking i should drop of dogs and do the dentist/pool and then Ivy starts her class tomorrow night.
 enjoyed all the frost these past weeks.

 and some of our funky evergreens

 i should sleep great tonight.

 hardly a cloud today out there.  was going to settle in and read the paper, but i think Ivy found it first and when she reads a paper there isn't much left to see.
 feel like i want to support the local paper still.
 the road to Byron Glacier trail is closed.  folks walk down there.  some guy looked like he was trying to go over the berm in his truck and drive it anyway...that did not go very well from the looks of it.
 my jumper cables came in handy today...always figure anytime i am nice to someone it helps me build up my good karma...and you never know when you will need some good karma.
 no issues today.  we had a lovely day.  always great to get out and about and take a different trail than usual.  everything with the pups is new though.  it is still a bit tougher some days with both of them but we will get there. they are really smart and good dogs. it's their person that needs to check myself.  remember my words, be patient, be more exciting than the loose dogs out there.
 dogs always give more than they take.
thankful for:  A.  safe walk on the ice today  B.  beautiful scenery C.  no falls on the ice

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