Friday, January 20, 2017

i feel today may a good day to pick up dog poop in the yard...

 seems a lot of gloating and beaming is in order.  much anger directed at "libtards" and "snowflakes"... it's good that they are happy since apparently they have been so miserable for so long. so many who have never really known the misery that so many others on earth have known, who believe their trials and tribulations are so great when in actuality probably not so much. i suspect there will soon be a day of reckoning...for us all no doubt.
 i have tried to have hope, i have tried to listen to all sides and then a tweet or some other rude, disparaging comment.  the glaring proof that one group is aiming to destroy all they think us libtards hold dear, just for spite.  change should never be built on anger and spite.  it should be built on what is good, what is kind, what is reasonable.  don't think we can get to the other side until the anger is extinguished though so here we are.  may we all come out the other side, though history tells us that many of us won't.  anger leads to battles and battles lead to death.  they will get to flex their muscles, use their guns no doubt.  people will die, maybe a party will die...then common sense and kindness will come from the ashes.
 i feel no reason to celebrate...peaceful transition yes, the democracy, yes...but they say we whine while we feel we must fight to protect what we have here, all that is good and decent in it.  if being a snowflake means i am soft and fragile...well our earth and our democracy is soft and fragile.  water in the form of a snowflake seems fragile, but you put all those flakes together and a storm of snowflakes will overpower a city...combine into an avalanche, create a glacier which in turn will calve and create tidal waves.  water in all forms is powerful.
 and yes, i lean towards liberal when it comes to the earth and social issues.  so i am evil i guess because i care of others, i care of the earth.  i strive to protect those who need protection rather than protecting corporations, who have no need of protections. i took the messages i heard as a youth to heart.  Love one Another, Do unto others as you would have done to you.  Do not judge....judging is best left to a higher power for there is so much we couldn't possibly understand of fragile hearts and minds.
 i am on call, but i can't sleep.  have tried to stay away from news. can't change today...want to let those who have been so miserable i guess enjoy this week, enjoy their victory.  then i will use my voice to rally for what i believe.  we all have that right and we have those freedoms.  it may be in vain, but better to have spoken and been ignored than to not speak at all and allow things to just happen.
 watched a lot of midwives tonight, hoping it would protect my brain from ruminating, it didn't.
 got a flat on the way to work last night.....well, i wasn't actually sure until i got there.  my tire has kept deflating of late.  i had thought, i really need to stop on the way home and fill it up again.  i'd asked for it to be checked but nobody really ever did, obviously.  our temps are sticking well below 0, -15F so that did not help my poor flattening tire hold it together. worried through night what to do.  knew dealing with the tire was going to cut into my sleep time.  was happy with on call.  never really got much sleep
 a kind co-worker helped re-inflate my tires and i was able to make it to a tire repair shop. thank you to all who offered assistance.  does restore my faith in humans a bit.  it's been a nasty year out there and i suspect it will get worse before it improves.  we will all have to just try and be's so easy for people to be nasty on a computer, but face to face...there is still kindness much of the time. there is rudeness on both sides...i do  hope we can all do better than this.  maybe having such a horrible role model in the white house will make us look inside ourselves a bit.
 no walk today, kept trying to sleep, but never really got a good stretch.  i'll try soon again...hope the phone doesn't ring this late but you never know.  looks like it's warming up out there to back to close to 0 again.  will feel like a heat wave.  amazing how you adapt.
 threw boiling water outside to watch it freeze up instantly and blew bubbles they also solidified.  pretty cool.  below Ivy chases bubbles..she is forever keeping me laughing.
 re-did my flower garden.  my neighbor approves.  looks like snow coming over the next week so i may have to replant again after a bit.  :-)
 for some a day of joy at their new leader and for others a day of sadness.  seems for me a day to pick up dog poop...seems fitting.
 these are just cell phone pics.
 frosted up after a walk at well below zero doing Rovers Run . not too many other souls out there that day.  it really wasn't that bad.  the pups had fun.
 tried some walrus/whale tails on the other side of the driveway.
 congrats if you are happy today and hugs if you are your whiny snowflake libtard.
thankful for:  A.  enlightenment  B.  friends who get me, family who get me  C.  happy posts on facebook

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