Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Rally....It's on. :-)

 our first Rally class tonight.  Ivy did really well. i am already forgetting what i learned.  i have a lot of paperwork to learn.  Ivy jumped on the instructor several times so i think she had low expectations, but after class she came up to me and praised Ivy.  that puppy really is a quick learner. she wants to please like nobodies business. really liked this shot of them above bathed in light on N Biv
 posted a few pics to a labradoodle group on FB yesterday.  i do that occasionally.  there is always that one person right.
 got many comments about how pretty it looked in front of the glacier, but one women seemed upset that the dogs did not have coats on so i am clearly a terrible owner in her eyes.  there is a picture of Ivy laying down and chilling on the ice.  doubt a dog would do this if they were freezing.  some other lady came in and made a comment that the dogs were fine, nicely told the lady to chill out...then the lady came back and said how badly she felt for my dogs.
 they seem to have a pretty decent life to me. i did go on and explain that they have a dog door and go out often even on cold days...their choice.  honestly, i worried more about Rio and Blossom on hot days in the summer.  those dogs can not handle temps over 70-75 F.  i have to make sure we have lots of water for them to cool off. dogs and humans adapt quite a bit to the cold temperatures up here.
 the dogs enjoyed another 4 mile walk in the woods today....it's so rough for them...followed by a nap at the house while i got my teeth cleaned.  then Ivy went to class.  she wagged a lot and seemed to have a good time.
 the poor dogs are currently chilling inside near me.  my pajama's had been once again relocated.
 will have to peek outside in the morning and see if there are any other items that have been otherwise located.
 these are on gasline/powerline/tank trail walk the other day.
 Redoubt in the distance at sunset.
 Denali in the distance at sunset...it's a 5 hour drive north so that kind of gives you an idea how big this mountain is.
 always love the pinks through the trees.
 pups enjoying their romp in the woods.
 these are from the drive out to Portage Sunday.
 tide was moving in.  lots of ice.  normal.  last year at this time it was still pretty much ice free.  so odd.
 ice chunks in foreground, steam rises off the water behind that.
 a few clouds moved in today.  was bummed i missed the coffee part of the Monday walk...did make the Monday walk though.  the pups got to play with their puppy friend Winston.  his human brought a tennis ball launcher.  i think we all had much higher hopes for the distance that thing would go...it looked more impressive than it turned out to be. oh well...haha.  the dogs had a great time anyway.
 more pancake ice.
 the beginning part of the walk  i'm sure i was more anxious than was necessary.  growing up where lakes never freeze up i've never gotten 100% trusting of the ice.  of course, it seems many who have lived here for their entire lives end up falling through a hole in the ice and losing their lives...so i'd say it's probably a healthy fear to be wary on the ice.
 glaciers do calve, even in the winter...above and below the ice level.
 it does seem pretty daunting with the ice....oddly, for some reason if a lake is covered by snow it gives a bit of a false sense that it is safer..i suspect that has to do with not actually viewing all the big cracks that you see when it's ice like it was yesterday.
 the pups would have preferred to run wild but it wasn't really an option...when they are more mature and not launching at people there may be more chance...though i suspect i would probably be cautious.  i remember going out there with Blossom and Rio once.  got a ways out then heard a huge crack...me and a few others booked it back to dry land.
 the other time i made it out to the glacier there had been a calving that day as well.
 thought this was an unusual mode of transport for the ice.  they were having a great time.  once time i looked up and that thing had gone down.  the ice was actually pretty bumpy. i debated doing the run out there on the kicksled which would be fun, but the ice was super bumpy in many places.  did see a few ice skaters out there and they didn't seem to be having much trouble.  it could just be a matter of moving to different parts of the lake as you make your way across the nearly 3 miles to the glacier.
 segway?  is that what it's called.  i forgot already.
 was listening to stories of Iraqi interpreters who helped American soldiers and are trying to get out since many have had death threats and have had family members killed because they helped us.  some sad stories...many have not been able to get to safety. some were able to get out of Iraq but now have spent many years trying to build a life they had hoped they would be able to build here.
 one guy had been injured after the war and was in no position to help people after he'd gotten an email from a pretty desperate sounding interpreter he'd worked with.  he wrote an article hoping someone else would step up and take the next step. next thing he knew he was getting emails and letters from many others in the same position...a person to help them didn't exist and in the end he's been one to try and help.  he was going to law school and he has at least in part dedicated himself to trying to help these poor folks.
 maybe he's gotten into politics or was it another guy...can't remember. anyway.  they were saying that he'd found Republicans who had served in the military were sympathetic and helpful to these folks plight, but any Republicans who had not served were not.  he also expressed that the P-Elect had done many deferments and was not looking like he would be helpful at all. more concerned with keeping folks out than helping people who had helped our soldiers and saved many lives through their service.
 generally, in our history we have tried as a nation to help those who help us.  that is one reason we have so many Hmong living here.  i recall speaking to a parent who was Hmong...very proud of his service to the USA and he was very proud and honored to be living here now.  they risked their lives, suffered many loses, lived in poor conditions for years...now here they are. slowly after many years, getting to America.
 attempt at selfie.  the wind was starting to pick up as it does when you are at the front of a glacier...it's a chilly wind coming off ice
 pups still just wanted to run.  the number of folks had chilled off so i did let them run once we were leaving the area. just wanted to keep distance between them and the face of the glacier

 such a cute pup
 others pass me...much braver than i.
 Tusker and Ivy each on one side of this crack
 the humans do give some idea of scale though.

 they are up there pretty close. this guy below is laying down to get photo's
 if i'd gotten there earlier and the sun was out in full force on the ice i may have been more tempted.

 i did decide once i let my brain settle down and the pups were calmer...to put out the ashes i'd brought.  generally i refill my little medicine bottle and carry the dogs around until the next moment arrives.
 not the neatest borders but still a  heart...it worked and what a lovely spot to be for the pups of the bridge.
liked these with the pups and the heart.  they were just being good here.  they'd had to put up with me being anxious and protective of them..

 more attempts at selfies.
 it's already after midnight...how does that happen.  not sure the plans tomorrow. i should do some cleaning, organizing...the list is always long.  see if i went a more minimalist route there would be less to deal with.
 Verna Pratt passed away yesterday apparently.  she was for sure one of the good ones. a self taught botanist.  she wrote many books about flowers of Alaska.  before her husband died they did it together.  she volunteered i think at the botanical center near my place here.  i'd see her car on occasion.  i was lucky enough to not only meet her but to be able to spend some time with her on a course about wildflowers in Denali National Park a few summers ago.  what a gift.
 here are a few pics from that class with her doing what she did best...share her gift and knowledge with others.
 rest in peace...may you find yourself forever surrounded by flowers in heaven.
grateful for:  A.  friends who are full of life and adventure and love to explore this amazing earth  B.  the fullness and richness of life   C.  spoiled, happy puppies (even if some think i'm a cruel owner for making them be out in the cold)

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