Tuesday, January 31, 2017

have not accomplished anything today...

 walked and went to class.  otherwise...zippo!! i really need to get myself more motivated. i got shit to do.
 watching your nation implode is stressful.  wrote to my senators for all the good that will do, but you gotta do something.  i'm getting a bit paranoid.  feeling like i should have escape plans, wanting to hide money in socks.  stocking up on basic supplies, water and such...thinking i should sell of crap and streamline in case i have to book.  cash will be better than crap.  it is anyway though isn't it.
 these are from a beach walk the other day.
 i suspect the crap is going down in DC. either it's just mayhem and this leader is certifiably nuts or there is a coup happening and nothing seems to be happening to stop it.  everything feels very unstable.  the funny thing is folks on his side are alarmingly calm.  i'm guessing the alternative news sources are painting a much more glorious picture of how this Presidency is coming along.  from all i'm hearing..there is some kind of crap storm brewing.  Bannon in charge, ryan/pence and another guy trying to keep the POTUS in check. just admit it...fix it.  the nation and the world need you to just admit it and fix it.
 anyway...it's stressful for me.  so tonight i opened a bottle of wine and am currently less concerned with the way things are going.  it is temporary, but i needed a release...this is what alcohol is good for. i now understand why vodka is so popular in Russia.  of course, was hearing today a guy who was speaking to constant chaos and how for some it makes them more charged and action based due to that need in their lives.  there are loads of successful people apparently from Lebanon...and the guy says that constant chaos with a base of stability seems to work for them.
 in the US we have enjoyed years of minimal chaos and i suspect most of us would like to keep it that way.
 this ban was rolled out poorly or was deliberately rolled out in a way to test our resolve.  more executive orders coming.  each day is a new hell.  each day we get more bad news.  make it stop already.
 these are huge chunks of ice on the beach, low tide.  pretty massive actually. impressive.
 today was Monday walk.  just LS and i.  we did the big loop in good time.  then hit coffee. i'd only had a banana so i was starving.
 class with Ivy tonight, it went much better.  we did pretty good on our runs of the rally course.  figure i'll take a break and then start up again in the fall.  classes are quite motivating but hopefully i can get back to my regular schedule with breaks off.
 my car was dove tailing a bit the other day while driving.  icy roads.  lots of ruts out there.  thankfully, i was able to keep control.
 got a bit windy tonight.  hopefully that is settling down.  don't want to lose our snow.
 the thing is i can't control much that is happening in DC.  i need to find a way to let it go..obviously not alcohol.  that is fine tonight, but i'm not keen on becoming an alcoholic over this crap.  not to worry.  i rarely drink.  but it is good on occasion i will admit.  let it glide over you and you are suddenly totally relaxed.  for me this really only takes a few sips to half a glass. i'm a light weight.
 pups playing with a stick.
 haven't carried tennis balls much since Blossom passed.  these guys do not have the same interest.  perhaps later. i mean they like it here at home so we do play with it here. but on the trails, they just lose them all.  i call it fetch/wrestle...they will chase it but then it turns into a wrestle session and the ball disappears in the snow.
 thought this was super cute of my pups.
 we went sledding after this walk for a bit.  super fun.
 look at those skies. they just got prettier as the evening wore on.  sunset is closer to 5 now.  we saw the beginning of it while we sledding.  saw more as i drove home so not pics.
 always enjoy the beach.  part of me wants to drive further out but with all my slipping just in town i was happy i avoided it.
 lost a facebook friend over a post.  honestly, she seems to have become one of those hyper supportive alt right types.  generally when things get heated i'll just take it to a message.  if it were family or a close friend, an actual phone call would be in order.  we seemed to have smoothed over the rough edges a bit but then i saw i had a friend request from her.  she'd unfriended me before our messaging.  whatever.  sorry, i just opted out.  someone is not much of a friend if they just unfriend you without attempting a discussion.  who can be bothered with the negativity anyway.
 beautiful day out there today.  no pictures though. some days you just walk.  there was a skier that kept taking these side trails so would appear on our trail.  the puppies found this rather confusing this skier showing up over and over.
 had to make them play on the dunes this day. wear out their little puppy arses.  earthquake...seems to have stopped.  puppies didn't seem to notice.
 well Ivy woke up briefly. nothing fell. little rattle though.
 the jump

 watched the documentary on Lance Mackey.  i think i have seen it before.  enjoyed it though.
 dog racing is having a good year with all this lovely snow.  when i drove over to the beach the Tosier Track was hopping with dog teams.  good to see.
 class went better tonight i think.  i mentioned we were really doing this for fun...she seemed disappointed thinking Ivy could really do well.  i'm thinking it would be fun to do this again next winter.  maybe i can find a Monday class though to carry on.
 Mondays would work with my summer schedule.  need to get her spayed though so will have to take a break for a bit. she was good though.  actually lay down while other dogs did their rally runs.
 Tusker making what i call tail angels.
 came out nicely i think.
 have a date scheduled for our WARIS event April 11.  of course, i have no speakers lined up, but hopefully i can accomplish that. it went well last year though so we needed a repeat.  tough to get a slot at REI and they don't charge non-profits so that is good.
 pups on the beach...
 nice to have dog snuggle time this afternoon.  does help relax the stress of it all.
 Tusker.  such a cute pups.  he just has 2 more classes i think.  will have to save my email since we lost a day due to roofing issues i have a coupon for our next class.
 Ivy is much more focused on pleasing.  he's more chill and a bit slow to respond.  both are smart pups though and do well overall.
 some folks ventured into the ice...can be a bit sketchy out there so i tend to avoid it.
 big chunks like this and sometimes there are chasms.
 back on the trail headed back to our cars.

 my friend kindly took some pics of me and the pups.  i thought several turned out cute.
 my treat hand had to be at the ready. they were focused on the treats...
 Ivy is looking behind my back below...at my treat hand.  haha.
 several good shots though.
 many thanks to SH....i better pay a few bills and head to bed.
thankful for: A.  wine...finally i feel relaxed for a few minutes. B. that the earthquake was just a little shaker.  C.  my sweet puppy family....

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