Thursday, January 5, 2017

mostly puppies

 on call for second night.  what are chances i won't get called in tonight.  no calls last night.  never sleep very well on call though.  a few times i woke up thinking man i really slept great only to look at clock and realize that i had just slept an hour total.  oh well.  thought this one above was adorable of Ivy Rose.  she really is a cute puppy.  below i was testing them out with scarves....super cute as well
 taken from laying down in bed, but came out pretty funny i thought.
 Tusker sailed through his first class on Tuesday.  i was silly and was supposed to meet LS for a walk.  of course, she assumed we'd meet at the usual Monday walk place and time while i assumed i'd sleep in a bit.  so missed my chance at a fun walk with my friend.  did see her as she came down the tank trail towards me at the end of her walk.
 pups have gotten some good runs in the past few days.  that day we did loops around the N Biv trails.  did that again today actually. seemed easy.
 yesterday a friend was going to meet me so i altered time to accommodate that.  in the end...she texted me while i was driving over trying to make it even later so another friend could join.  i was already mostly to trail head so not really up for changing time or place at that point.  i think she really wanted to just do a more chill walk with the other friend.  better to just give folks an out at that point.  i do laugh though.  people ask me why i often walk alone.  it's really just easier.
 check out all that hoar frost.  crazy...
 when i walk alone, i pick time and place and just go.  i recall another recent walk where i ended up at the trailhead waiting for at least 45 min, then waiting more as another friend was joining . we all had fun and i do enjoy walking with the other humans, but that was a long time to expect someone to wait really.
 laughed as i thought of texting and how that has actually made things worse sometimes.  i mean before a person was at the trailhead and you had no way to let them know you were running had to book it.  now you just keep texting...almost done with this, gotta do that, i'll be there soon.  almost there, i'm at this street...extends the wait oftentimes.
 was also laughing thinking back to my twenties and all the friends who aborted plans at the last minute because a guy had called. used to totally tick me off. i mean a good guy should call you in plenty of time to plan a date.  that is respectful.  it shouldn't be assumed that you would be free on a Fri or Sat night at a late phone call.  make the dude wait girl!! "i'm sorry, i have plans, perhaps we can plan another time".
 womens lib somehow put women in the drivers seat in relationships often times.  not always in a good way.  it seems now instead of guys pursuing the girls it is often the other way around.  not sure i really get how that happened or if womens lib is really responsible...but why is that?  why is it that it seems more and more that the guy is the prize instead of it being the other way around. i'm single and have always been so clearly i never learned the game.  can't even imagine attempting it at this point really.
 guess i always figured i was the prize, i should be sought after, pampered.  of course, i was never one of the beautiful ones.  regular girl on the outside...but i will have to admit i think i'm pretty spectacular on the inside.  i knew how i deserved to be treated and i really had no reason to tolerate any less.  i was accused of being picky...but really, shouldn't we all be picky?  wouldn't there be less divorce if folks were picky.
 much of the success in love is a bit of luck i think.  love can be a pretty confusing emotion.  can you really tell all you need to know about a potential partner in that state?  are they really committed to commitment?  i think that is a really tricky part.  how committed is a person to the commitment that will be required in marriage.  i'd like to think i have that committed to commitment part, but at the same time i sense that i lack a bit of that.
 for instance....if i was married to someone and they became a drug addict or an alcoholic or beat me or became...i know i'm terrible for saying this but if they became over 500 pounds or something...i'd be booking unless they made a quick and successful turn around.
 i remember one grossly obese women i was helping to the bathroom one night.  she pee'd then stood up and walked out of the bathroom...i looked at her too shocked no doubt...and said, "aren't you going to wipe yourself?  wash your hands?".  she casually replied, "oh my husband usually does that".
 WHAT!!! i was horrified.  i mean at what point in a marriage would you feel comfy saying, oh sweetie i am too large to wipe myself can i just call you every time i pee or poop to clean me up? this chick would not be sticking around for that. it's one thing if your partner gets cancer or hit by a car or something...but i guess i'm not as committed a person as perhaps she and her husband are.
 the pups wrestling.  part of every walk.
 like the action shots though .
 he mostly comes out as a brown blur.
 they do have to stop on occasion to get the ice balls out from between their toes.
 making my escape plans for the future...our soon to be tweetaholic POTUS is ticking off N.Korea, doubt he will eventually lose favor with Putin as well, once Putin gets what he wants out of him...i fear nuclear bombs dropping and my fair city is a bit too close in proximity to said nations.
 if nobody hears from me, i was obliterated.  if i wasn't obliterated, i will make my way to the Yukon Territory.  i have friends in Whitehorse, i'm sure they would allow us to crash as we try to get some sort of refugee status. hope they are more welcoming than many of our American citizens.
 i grew up Mormon.  of course, i read all the books, some repeatedly.  i will tell you the Book of Mormon is cyclic.  the humans get bad and then they are taken out.  God does not like bad human behaviour apparently and he has no issues taking out swaths of humans or just allowing it to happen.  it just may be our time.
 was chatting with my sister as well a bit ago and telling her of my latest thinking...all of this pc stuff.  i always view the bases of being pc as kindness for our fellow earth humans.  using unkind words/slang/'s just not nice.  of course, i surmised with my sister that perhaps we humans at base are not very nice and not being pc may be how we release that unkindness safely...maybe our new pc culture has been very difficult for some of the humans to handle.  all that unkindness bottled up inside of them, waiting to explode...well, it's exploding now i guess.
 these pics are a change of scenery. these are yesterday up at powerline pass. i took the side trail down toward little O'Malley and then over towards Williwaw.  it was actually sort of warm feeling out, sun shining...though not in these particular pics here.

 beautiful views of the city.

 more dogs running.
 the phone could ring at anytime.  7 pm is always the haunting hour.  did some one not show up to work that was expected, did someone come in who really feels sick.  lots can change in those first few minutes that could cause me to get called in.
 the city below bathed in white hoar frost. my computer doesn't know what hoar is.

 we just hiked to here.  there was a lot of ice flow over the trail and some of it was a bit soft.  didn't really want to have to walk back with wet feet.
 the pups were slipping around quite a bit as well.
 back to chasing each other...i had fun trying to capture it all
 yes, he's still behind you Ivory.

 Tusker...the brown blob

 loved these.
 and this was my favorite
 butt tuck

 look at the snow flying.

 i've probably bitched enough for one blog.  hope life is good at your end. i realize most of you don't always read this i thought i should put something totally odd in each and see if anyone notices.
 so if you are reading...really reading...i am thinking of dying my hair like Ivory Rose so we can look alike!!
 wind and the moon below.
 and the big mountain.
 and my sweet pups...
thankful for:  A.  beautiful sunny days, long walks and puppies  B.  everyone who has been so supportive of me over the loss of my girl.  it's been tough C.  light...

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