Wednesday, January 27, 2010

always keeping busy...

above is just another picture from yesterdays walk. i didn't take any today. i was walking the big loop at n. bivouac. kelly had called so we ended up meeting part way. good to catch up a bit. guess i walked pretty fast. it was nice out. warmer than yesterday. close to 10 probably. the dogs had a great walk and were sleepy tonight. above is buddha. he had a blast romping in all that lumpy snow. thought the picture showed the joy of it a bit.
after my walk i had a list of errands to run. i stopped at walmart for material for my ski for women costume. i bought this set of potato heads to use as guides. they were pretty cheap. i think around 10 bucks. i can give them to some kid when i'm done with them. they may come along on the ski if i can figure out a way to include them in my potato sack costume. hmm..
my sewing skills are pretty weak. took me a bit to get the bag made. it will do i guess. i'll try and get the facial features to make up for what the sack lacks. i'm going for the dog potatohead. more in character for me.
also bought a pair of dansko's so we'll see how that goes for me. my hip still aches and i've had tiny spasms, but hopefully between the new shoes and a massage friday that i scheduled myself for life will improve. i also hit the gym for some laps in the pool. got 42 in. i count each time i hit a wall....i think an actual lap is getting back to original wall. my hip did feel better as i did the laps so i think i really need to be consistent in getting over there. the jacuzzi felt good too. i usually do 4 laps kick board and then 4 laps alternating front and back strokes. today i did 3 front to one back so that is more work.
off to bed...

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