Tuesday, January 12, 2010

blossom's photo of shame....

maureen, tanya and andrea check on kaya's foot situation. he gets ice balls like blossom does.
the monday walkers make thier way through the creek crossing. denali was out, but pretty hazey. i always enjoy seeing the mountain out though. kaya got a lift down the creek trail.

a train of dogs makes thier way up the gasline trail to where it meets the powerline trail.

had our monday walk today. blossom was full of spunk. poor rio got the brunt of it. blossom only does this lovely move on rio. i told my friends i was going to take her picture and post it as a possible deterent. okay...so dogs can't see this but it's still a pretty funny picture. rio just looks so pathetic.

there were 5 of us humans and 6 dogs. maureen and kaya joined us in thier matching coats. it was around O F out there. kaya was a trooper for much of the trek, but got a few lifts closer to the end. to help us warm up...i took us up gasline and down powerline, back to tank trail and then off on some side trails that parallel the tank trail. it's always pretty down there. the gasline trail takes you up some little hills so i thought that would heat us up. below the dogs make thier way up the trail. tanya, maureen and andrea wait at the top.

lena enjoys life in the sunshine...okay, it was a little cold out there.

andrea gives kaya a lift. such a cute little dog.

as always the monday walk was fun. both dogs and people have a good time. blossom was still a bit wild at the end of the walk. of course, rio looked a bit more rough. i felt badly as when we were at the creek crossing i got a little distracted and forgot the poor girl. when i looked back she was in a state of panic. bad owner. she crosses there with me, but i usually take some time and walk her through it. so i went back to help my scared blind dog through the creek. of course, i felt terrible seeing her nervous. poor girl. she is really a sweet dog.

we went for our hot cocoa after the walk and that was fun. i should have baked last night. they never have much that looks tasty there...just the hot chocolate. i woke late, and ended up getting to the walk late. i think my clock at home is a bit slower than the real time. i also think the ice scraping took longer than i had expected. i did a crap job and then was driving slowly trying to see through a partially scraped window...the joys of winter.

ran to costco to blow up a few photo's. i was thinking of framing the sun dogs and then using the colours in there to select a colour scheme for my "office".

this evening i went to my friend jana's house for a little martini party. i've never been much of a martini girl, but after tasting a few i liked the cosmopolitan the best. it was a small gathering, but relaxing and fun. i'm eating some apple slices and cheese...a very typical snack for me. didn't eat much today.

didn't get called in last night but both units called me tonight. adults needed another sledd nurse and called at 6pm as i was headed out to jana's....when i got home there was a message from peds looking for someone to be on call. that is how it works...and now...i'm sneezing.

i fear mufasa is getting senile. he pee'd on some papers i had left out to sort through. i guess he did the sorting for me. sadly there was a stack of photo paper in there so that all had to get tossed. didn't endear the cat population to me tonight though. i do like cats, but i think as these cats pass away i will just stick to dogs. can't stand the litter thing and have had a few issues with cats not peeing in the box and i really have no tolerance for that. it's too cold for outdoor cats here in my opinion, though i do see them out there.

the paper had a story about this whole jay leno thing. i have no idea why he left to begin with since he had no intentions of retiring. i'm not a big conan obrien fan, but i feel badly for him. leno's screwing him over...moving his show back to his old tonight show time slot and moving conan back to his old after midnight time slot. it all seems quite odd. they should have just given the tonight show to letterman to begin with.

just watched "one fine day". always just a cute no brainer movie. clooney is cute in it.

off to bed after a very enjoyable day. mondays are fun...

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