Sunday, January 3, 2010

spring cleaning a little early...

since i watched a horrible portrayal of southeast alaska in "the proposal" thought i'd post a few pictures from my days in the southeast panhandle. the tidepooling is absolutely wonderful there. above is a sea anenome. bald eagles are also very common....though now that i've been to dutch harbor they would seem an endangered species by comparison. this eagle was in the tree right outside my front window...he's scanning the ocean for passing silver salmon. this is an immature eagle. i think it takes a few years before they get their adult feather colouring in.
the sunsets in southeast could be quite spectacular. living on the water definitely had it's advantages. i miss that and may be drawn back one of these days.

below is just a picture of ketchikans main boat harbor...and the yacht club of course.

have been staying up too late and then sleeping in too long. i seem to be most productive between noon and 2 am. today i finally got the bookcase put together to put the printer on and was able to move the desk and desktop computer. it looks much better. of course, now the room needs to be re-painted and i'd like to re-do the flooring. one project always begets another. the dogs are happily munching on bones. the kid next door brought some over. i always worry i'll kill em...then i remember....dogs ate dead stuff before they were domesticated and did just fine.

computer wise it's been an extremely frustrating week. i keep trying to load pictures on to this shutterfly site and it just isn't happening as readily as i think it should. i think i'll try and call gci tomorrow and see if they can come check my cable internet connections and make sure they are functioning correctly. the next step will be to bring someone in to help me get this started. surely someone with computer skills will walk in and load stuff within minutes. maybe they can walk me through it. would love to get my stuff all loaded on to a site such as this and then others can access pictures of themselves from years past. i stayed up late making a calendar for 2010 from the pictures i have been able to load on.

met up with friends last night for a movie. we saw george clooney in "up in the air". not sure if he's just getting older or if it was the character he was portraying, but he just wasn't as much of a hottie as i remember in films past. the movie wasn't the least bit uplifting and minimally entertaining. just sad. when the guy returns to his empty apartment in the end i'd hoped they'd at least have him set out a picture or some sort of knick knack to demonstrate that he'd undergone some sort of life change. then to try and pick up my mood after that downer i thought i'd toss in the sandra bullock flick that arrived from netflixs. "the proposal". it supposedly takes place in sitka alaska for much of the movie and that was a totally inaccurate portrayal of life in southeast alaska. it was filmed back east that could possibly resemble alaska. so that was most dissappointing. bullock did a horrible job playing the role of a bitch and so the transition to falling in love just wasn't believable at all. she and her screen love had zero chemistry from what i could tell and it was all quite flat.
well, good load quite quickly onto the blog site. it's been pretty cold this week. i think near 5 F yesterday. didn't get the camera out too much on the walks. yesterday i took the pups up to gasline trail and then down the tank trail. today we just hit the university lake dog park. tomorrow...monday walk all over again. comes up quickly! winter moves through. the moose count continues to grow in the neighborhood. when i woke and came in the computer room i saw a mom and baby moose using the trail easement behind the house.
off to do some paper shredding. i'm on a toss it roll so i best roll with that mood as i have it. usually i'm lazy, so when i get into these cleaning fits i have to take advantage of it. this room has been driving me nuts though. clutter makes you crazy. purging the crap that collects in a house is very releasing.

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