Monday, January 4, 2010

monday walk on a winter day...

bohdi is getting bigger and his coat is changing from puppy to dog. always fun to watch puppies grow...and this one is gonna be a biggie!
action shot of andrea from todays monday walk. the dogs had a good time. blossom is sleepy as usual. the tennis ball lasted and blossom get a few tosses in today as there was also a frisbee in play.

a few pictures of the icecles hanging on the rooftop. thought they looked pretty against the blue sky, despite being a depressing sign of home repair needs.

blossom was excited about a new toy a co-worker gave her. you can record your voice and as she rolls the toy the recorded message plays and treats occasionally roll out. i had to turn off the voice thing fairly quickly as that drove me nuts...but she does seem to quite enjoy working the toy for the treats stashed inside. in the picture below blossom has gotten herself trapped next to the couch in her quest for the toy. i had to snap off a few pictures before freeing her from the couch. silly dog!

apparently some people actually read this. it's easy to forget that fact. always good to be reminded of that. was being goofy with the digital today. not overly successfully though. sometimes i get lazy and just snap off pictures without looking to see what comes out. the joy of digital is that it costs you nothing to do this and you can just delete them all if they suck.

other than the monday walk...i was pretty lazy. attempt to load pictures...did load some from the laptop. it could be the cable line or it could be related to my antiviral...who knows. i may need a professional to give me some tips. i did load all the photo's from our trip to aialik bay in 2003 into this computer so that is helpful. i did have cd's originally, but i think i loaned them out and they are no more.

trimmed rio's nails a little as she was worn out from her walk today...they should be trimmed back more. not sure why i'm such a ninny about it. her nails are black so hard to see where the quick is and i don't want to upset her by clipping too far. my walking buds laugh as i know and chat with so many folks on the trails up here. ran into a guy i've met before. his one dog had a brace on like rio's. i guess i had spoken to him awhile back about orthopets and his dog has been wearing it since this last summer. looked to be doing great. rio hasn't worn hers since summer. i'm still just monitering and taking her on shorter walks much of the week. she's been doing great with the monday walks too though. that loop is near 4 miles. once a week at that mileage seems to be okay for her. fun to see another dog out there enjoying life because of the brace that we brought to anchorage.

wore my skhoop on the walk. was laughing as one co-worker eye'd me with the skhoop last week and after apprasing it said, "i guess it would keep you warm, but it's not very attractive". i have no idea why i found this comment so silly, but it's made me giggle several times. they got a kick out of it as well. we chilled for hot cocoa and chats afterwards and there were two other women there with the short skhoop. i guess they only sell them retail in alaska as far as the n. american continent goes. they are super popular in the anchorage area though. andrea and tanya both have them as well. we were joined by lena today. so 5 dogs, 4 humans. a fun day...

i must awaken early tomorrow to drive the element in for a new windshield. the current one had loads of chips in it from my driving adventures last year and with the cold weather last weekend it finally cracked across.

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