Wednesday, January 20, 2010

bog and rovers run...oldies but goodies

a picture from another day with the sunshining in. gotta get your sunshine in when you can. today i took both dogs to the bog (baxter bog by my house) and then took blossom off to rovers fun. always fun out there. lots of activity some days. skiers, ski-jourers, walkers, moose to day. mostly, just blossom, me and the beloved yell0w ball.
not much makes a doodle happier than chasing that yellow ball. she loves to visit people she meets on the trail too. she is one friendly dog. walked a bit with an older english gentleman. i've run into him before. when we moved on, blossom was hesitant as she seems to want to keep a group together....whether they really are a group or not.

the sun was setting as i drove down tudor headed to home and the grocery. i had to stop and snap off a few pictures. thought it quite lovely. this open area is just down the road from my place. often i see moose out here as i drive to/from work. also occasionally you will spy a dog team cruising by out there. not today.

i've really got to work on the laundry some more so i have someplace to sleep tonight. i love fresh sheets and if i were rich and famous my help would be washing my sheets with great regularity. i have no help though so unlike oprah ( who apparently gets fresh sheets daily) i have to be satisfied with fresh sheets every week or two. i snagged some play dough from work. actually, we were getting stuff for the downs girl in the adult icu and i just couldn't hand it over. i find the smell of play dough intoxicating and i really don't think she could have worked the playdough anyway....what with the puffy hands and all. that is what i'm telling myself anyway. really, i just love the smell. i also love patchoulli and often get it mixed in lotions at the body shop. they have great stuff there. doubt they have play dough scented lotion though...hmm.

so a less than exciting day...laundry, dishes, vacuuming, carpet cleaning...! have a few little packages ready to mail, hopefully tomorrow. can't believe my days off are flying past me so quickly. tomorrow gym, really...unless i go for a late afternoon ski. i always figure it's better to be outside doing activities than in a gym, but i really could do both. i really should considering i'm paying for the dang gym and it's not cheap.

should i watch a movie or just read and crash? i was on the phone a bit today. i chatted with my sister and my friends michelle and natalie. always fun to catch up. i'm not a texter at all...i still prefer the phone to the ear thing. i'm not attached to the cell phone either. i love the peace and quiet that comes when you just tune out all noise. i often drive in the car without the radio on. the cell is great to carry around in case i get kicked by a moose or run into a tree or something. well, i hear that dryer winding down and i'm getting sleepy. i'll finish off my apple and happily decorated animal crackers and head to bed....


  1. love the body shop too--doesn't make my eyes water or head ache and usually even lotion sets me off. have to go to a big city to find one. and love that play dough--my daughter gets to play once a day with it--we love it. there is something comforting about that smell--real clay is the same way...impossible not to play with it.

  2. body shop is online too and i've even seen a few people who do in home body shop parties like the ol tupperware ones. i became a fan of online shopping when i lived in ketchikan.
    your daughter is lucky to play with playdough so much...some moms don't like it cause of the are obviously one of those cool mom's that lets kids have fun and worries about the mess later!! awesome!!