Thursday, January 21, 2010

sunshine and blue skies....

blossom enjoys the sun beams.
in anchorage but all alone...

it was such a beautiful day out there today. chilly,but not miserably so. took the dogs to n.bivouac trailhead. we walked the gasline to powerline to tank and then took off on side trails to extend the walk. amazing how you hardly see anyone out there despite there being several cars in the lot. there are just so many trails you can take. first i mailed off a few packages. i think i offended the post office dude. i tried to just say no there weren't any perishible items in the boxes...apparently he is required to say the entire line to everyone. oops. i improved my bad kharma from that by stopping to help a girl that had slid into the snow and was trapped. i don't think i was much help. she finally got out after a third guy stopped to help.

had a freaky/scarey dream this morning. in case i haven't mentioned, i tend to get lost in all my dreams. i'm always wandering around freaking out. usually, i am trying to get to work, am late and lost. this morning i apparently lived in some high rise combo cruise ship appearing place. i'm not too keen on views from high places so that was freaking me out in the dream...i was either looking out at a beautiful ocean view from very high up or trying to use the staircase to find my way to my apartment. the staircase seemed to go on forever. of course, i couldn't remember the apartment number either.

ate comfort food tonight so hopefully no freaky dreams tonight. i made my mom's meatloaf. i always find it tasty. i go through foods. like a few months back i was on a tuna fish sandwhich kick or i'll make spaghetti often or pancakes...whatever...then i tire of it and move on to the next thing. i had forgotten about meatloaf. it's pretty good though. food is a great way to be with mom on those days when you miss her.

of course, i was belching up that meatloaf as i did my laps. i'm trying to get myself motivated to get back to a regular work out. i always feel so much better in general when i hit the gym with regularity. i started back with 40 laps and 10 minutes of rowing. since i had already walked over 2 hours outside today in 5-10 degree weather...i think i'm good. really need to pop down and take a few ibuprofens...just cause. you do that when you are over 40. i feel like i need to get to the gym at least 3x/week. swimming is good as i think it works everything and will be easy on my hip. i seem to have some chronic pain in the left hip and 2 times i've had mini spasms. i think swimming will really help this. figure if i swim first then hit the machines and free weights my hair will dry a bit before i head out to the 2 degree weather as i did tonight. a bit chilly out there right now.
well, this wouldn't load last night and i only loaded a few today. will add more later...just got back from a loop of the bog. another very pretty day out there. i have work tonight so i think i will go nap. was up late watching "marley and me". gotta love that one. so i'm sleepy.

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  1. i know those dreams...many times i'm climbing the same mountain i've never been on...

    and i cried at marley and me--try not to at the obvious gratuitous plot yank, but my dogs are on the older side too and i can't imagine being without them.