Tuesday, January 5, 2010

stranded for a day....gotta love it.

i was loading pictures from aialik bay kayaking trip into the computer. had to scan them all. the cd's all got lost or loaned, can't remember. anyway...i always loved this otter picture. looks like he's waving hello. so cute.
the windshield cracked in half so it had to be replaced today. that meant that i was carless for part of the day and that i had to awaken early from my beloved slumber. i ran the car in, got dropped off and then returned to bed for a bit. i finally got myself up and moving and took the dogs for a walk in the bog. after this i headed off for a walk up the road to take the christmas tree to the recycling pick up place. it was like 5 blocks away. i think i must have looked pretty funny walking those 2 big dogs and dragging the tree. the guys were bringing back the car as i cruised down the road. i attempted to take a picture below. blossom missed the shot. i didn't want to make too much of a spectacle of myself in the carrs parking lot. not sure why we all have these moments where we care what others think. i just thought it funny. of course, as you can see there was some moose activity as i attempted to drag the tree with the dogs. rio started pulling. liked the moose next to all those deflated balloons.

blossom and i did make it out for another loop in the bog later on. ran into a bog friend linda and her dog, beamer. beamer is 13 and was having fun playing. doing quite well for an old girl. we ran into this moose on the trail and had to back track. ran into a few other bog friends out there. anchorage is a small town. i always see myself as awkward socially, but the truth is i seem to do okay socially...just not the usual social.

just finishing watching "beaches". always a favorite. can you see that moose behind blossom. she gave a bark or two, but really she just wanted me to toss her tennis ball and not overly concerned about that silly moose.
i'm ready to turn in now....have a little headache...see i really do need my rest....i was meant to be pampered!

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