Monday, January 18, 2010

the humans outnumbered the dogs today...that's a first.

off for another monday walk. we had 8 peoples and 4 dogs. blossom is worn out all the same. this is lena with one of her 3 boys. they don't have a dog right now and since it was a holiday the boys wanted to have some dog time. don't think the one above really liked the length of the walk, but this was early on and he's still smiling.
besides lena and her family, gail and sharon came along. above is gail. below, sharon with two of lena's boys.

below is lena and her family. i think the third boy is between lena and her husband, jason. it was a nice walk. blossom got some rumbling in and has been pretty tired tonight. i thought about heading out for a ski or the gym, since i've been such a slacker, but i was a slacker again and took a nap.
we got a little bit of snow last night. not enough to get the snowshoes out,but it does always make the place sparkle.

just watched a favorite movie that i pretty near have memorized by now, "spitfire grill". always a good one. that is the extent of my excitement today. good night....

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