Sunday, October 6, 2013

a day of swans and Hope...alaska that is

 got lucky and the swans performed for me.  they were fairly close to the road, which i need with my 300 zoom.
 one pair approached another pair and as they approached they were moving their heads around and making some noise.  when the two pairs got closer the dance began.  so cool.  my photo's don't do it justice of course, but still came out good enough to make me smile!
 love when they show off their stuff.  they really are beautiful birds.  not as many swanarrazzi out there today.  i'm sure they came and went through the day. there are those who stay there for hours.  i'm not one for sitting for too long.  i was out there less than an hour, probably a half hour or so.  photography can take a lot of patience.  i don't have a lot of that really.  enough for most of my photo needs.
 i was at potters marsh.  i'd decided to drive to hope.  it's a small community nearly 2 hour drive south.  debated making it to seward or both, but i slept in.  i think the cough medicine i took last night lingered.  i'd taken some day time cough and sinus medicine but i think the no cough narcotic was still in the system.  so i'm not overly impressed with these medications that say non-drowsy.
 did get the dogs off for a loop in north bivouac.  the day started out mostly sunny, looked like rain by the time i got back home tonight.  we had a nice walk though.  tank trail back down stumphenge.  nice easy walk for rio.  she came with...not sure if that was in her plans, but i pushed the issue a bit so we could take off driving after.
 refilled gas at carrs...i rarely go there so when i do i get a lovely gas discount...80 cents off/gal so it worked out to 2.90/gal.  been ages since i paid that.
 loved these of the swan running on the water, splash!!

 they get a lot of traction out of that water.
 it's impressive.

 then the birds got friends are always this happy to see me to i'm sure...haha!!
 sometimes i wish humans were more expressive like this.  i think that is why i always love those video clips when people just get silly and don't care.  when they dance in the streets or sing despite any talent, just cause they like to.
 i have been tempted to do that...just go someplace crowded and dance like there is nobody watching.  don't think i'll do it though.  can't pull it off like a swan.

 no big plans for tomorrow. thinking chill walk to beach, errands, rest...driven enough.
 as i climbed up the hill towards the hope cut off the fall has mostly passed by there already.  then back down into hope and fall returned.
 this guy is really showing off.
 when i got home there was a party at the new place across the street.  loads of harleys.  it's pretty quiet now...i had concerns.

 liked this of the grass.  love the grasses this time of year.  the colours are amazing.  infused.
 the gangs all here....
 back to driving.  didn't stop much as i'd already taken pictures yesterday.
 the next group are from Hope, alaska. cool old truck at the local gas stop.
 turnigan from the other side.
 Hope is on the kenai, you still have to loop around to get there.  down it's own road.  i don't make it over there very often.  have hiked over there and camped over there.  not often.  it's worth the drive though...not much happening today.  it's pretty much closed up for the season.
 i remember at one point they were trying to get a few families to move there in order to keep their small school open.  not sure what the status is.  it's a long ways to drive if they can't have a school there, i'd guess most people would just opt for home schooling.
 not much there right now so i mostly just took pictures of the various buildings.  a nice opportunity as usually there are tourists all over the place so hard to get a clear shot.
 i think Hope was a gold rush community.  now those days are in the past and i think less than a few hundred people call Hope home.
 i'd never gone there this time of year, thought the old buildings may look cool in fall.
 watching "the ides of march".  seems pretty good so far.
 should have walked in closer to the cache, it was pretty nice looking.  nobody about anyway.
 always love this cafe sign.  simple.
 here is the town...not much.
 it was another beautiful day of scenery.
 got lucky and spotted some beluga's again on the drive back.  a few were super close to the road, but not in a good place to pull over.  the tide had already come in though as well so not as easy to spot them.  saw more at bird point where i'd seen them the day before. must be good eating there.

 oh...there go the motorcycles. i can hear those engines revving up.  those are some loud arse machines.
 bridge in the fall.
 these are the leaves from my sweet tree out front.
 a few from todays walk.
 blossom got quite a bit of tennis ball chasing in.  we ran into friends as we packed up to go.
 stumphenge.  though i couldn't find the sign.
 my girls, blossom above, rio below.
 a few parting shots from Hope.  a boat that hopefully never sees water again as it doesn't look very sea worthy to me.
 liked the halloween decoration...complete with antlers
 a better view of the cool cache.
back to the movie and then to bed...

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