Monday, October 7, 2013

monday's, moose and misc...

 saw a few moose when i was out walking yesterday...bulls.  the guy above was quite large...could be with the government workers on furlough anchorage has taken to having moose deliver the mail.
 this guy was further back on the trail in pursuit of a female...this was close enough for me to get.
 the moose crossed right in front of this truck so i'm sure he got some nice photo's.
 a few from todays monday walk
 the numbers went down but those who joined me had a great time.  speedy and miss syd, karen, gail ( who is furloughed) and lena. so just 3 dogs.  leo is a puppy so he was able to wear out the other dogs.
 blossom, of course, found the mud.  she is a velcro dog for sure.
 speedy and her wee one...who was excited to walk with us.  she's becoming an outdoor girl!! she was looking forward to her hot cocoa and cookies post walk.  that girl can toss back a hot cocoa!!
 took a few group shots before lena headed off on a short cut
 i'm still hacking as usual and for some reason my foot has been sore this week.  not sure what is up with that...i suspect it is probably related to my shoes being older boots...time for some new boots.  i've been trying to put off getting the new boots til spring.  tv is going  bad, boots are bad, airplane tickets..things always happen at the same time. so annoying.
 a few leftover fall colours. we are supposed to be getting some wind and rain which may turn to snow by the end of the week. there were already a lot less leaves in the trees this week than last.  the trail always looks cool though with all the leaves on the ground.
 also noticed that the snow on the mountains is making it's way down quickly.
 rio opted out of todays walk.  she knows it's not summer anymore....the summer of rio has ended.
 just a few random shots from around the bird feeders in the yard.
 it gets pretty active out there with the jays, the little birds and the resident squirrel.  blossom and miss breezy chatterbug have had a great time monitoring the activities.
 i should try and make it back up to powerline pass.  maybe i'll wear different boots tomorrow and make a run up there. i'm getting the tires changed over on wednesday.  another expense...
 it's always pretty out there.  there was moose activity but it was pretty far off.
 i did notice that the swanarazzi wasn't as thick the other day so i'm wondering if they have moved up to the moose.  word travels fast with these local photographers.  i'm not in the loop.
 got all caught up loading onto the shutterfly account.  now i've got to sit down and get some projects completed.  of course, i thought i should start another project and load non-compressed favorites onto my computer. most of my photo's are great for most of my purposes but i think if i ever want to enter a few in a contest they need to be loaded differently.

 a few from various walks...this is kincaid, little campbell lake...reflection.
 liked the light that day.

 did the loop around the lake.
 i'm guessing most of these leaves are on the ground now.
 listen to npr for a bit.  a few movies coming out that may be worth seeing.  he was being interviewed about his role in his latest flick. he plays a ship captain who's boat was taken over by somalia highjackers.  it's based on a real situation..i do remember reading a bit about it.  probably interesting.
 this leaf was especially beautiful
 the leaves were mostly green on the ground.  seemed odd, but every year, every season is a bit different.
 was wanting a hamberger so i bought the fixings and that has been dinner the past few nights.  nummy!! chatted with my sister last night.  she has the patty smasher that my dad had made for my mom.  it was how we always made burgers.  i used a plate tonight, it did work much better.

 another day in kincaid, another loop.
 was chatting with the friend i was walking with so not many pictures.  never noticed this decorative item on the ski trails before.
 these are some cool trees near the dog park.  my little tree out front is exploding with colour.  so pretty.  such a great way to wake up.  bummed a wind will come blow off all those pretty leaves.  it's a funny little tree.  i'm sure i need to prune it in a better design.  it's kinda funny looking..but it is the prettiest little tree on the block.

 a couple from university lake...i'm just playing catch up with my photo's..almost there!

 rio catalina...she can be lazy but she is a good couch snuggler.  felt like a nap this afternoon.
 and back to campbell airstrip for a few more strolls.
 ended up being pretty lazy.  probably should at least toss some dishes in the dishwasher.
 my girl...i had her all brushed out yesterday, but today she was coated in mud, sticks and leaves.  shes still cute.
 i know i should be delving into the events of the day or the big government issues.  my brain is on a break though.  i'm sure it will come back...
 but for the moment i got nothing...sorry.
 pretty leaves...i'm in simpleton mode!!

 even the ferns were pretty a week or so ago.  now they are all melting into the rest of the forest flow, not to be seen again until spring.

 fallen mushroom...
guess i could have written some's been awhile since i've attempted that.  when i get my brain back i'll give it a try...good night.

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