Saturday, October 19, 2013

pumpkin massacre....

 a few of the completed pumpkins...mine is on the left side.  mac and gails on the right. i may have been too crazy getting all the guts out as it was pretty thin and fragile for such a detailed design.  i had to cut out a few fingers and use some toothpicks to hold it together.  still cool from a distance.
 another work stretch is done.  sitter one night, almost a sitter another night.  basically a sitter the last few hours on night two.  are you noting a theme here.  oh well.  i'm trying to enjoy the decreased stress load.  the last night i ended up in renal care after someone didn't show up.  getting more and more used to just going where ever.  nice meeting and talking to a variety of people.  old friends, new friends.  it's all good.  between shifts i baked some pumpkin bread so i'd have some for tonights party.  i chatted with my sister as i prepped.  one loaf was snacks and breakfast all week.  tasty!!
 the calendar arrived and seems to be getting good reviews.  one of the docs at work saw it and wanted to purchase one so i sold it to i guess i'm a professional photographer. hehe.  may have to watch for a deal and buy a few more.  we shall see.  this years version is larger than previous.  alters my shipping options. day i walked around to the par course near my house, opposite direction from the bog.  hadn't been there for some time.
 one morning as i drove home from work the traffic was a bit crazy.  as i got to patterson intersection i saw why...a dead moose. so sad.  people need to just drive slower.  it's so annoying!  poor mooshka...
 not much sleep today.  i set the alarm for 12:30 and got cracking.  didn't get the dogs walked with all my prep.  nice to get the house cleaned though.  got the yard stuff done in case it was not raining.  it was actually a beautiful day and there was hope of lighting a fire in the pit...then the winds kicked in.  it was actually nice though as it was hot inside with the people and the over and the stove on so we just left that back door open.  the wind created atmosphere...spooky and all halloweenie.
 got the dogs dressed in costume right before the guests arrived.  finally found a costume for miss rio catalina that actually fits.  not easy to find.  it even glows in the dark..haha!
 blossom was a monkey this year.  not her best, but still cute.
 syd came as tinkerbelle .  so cute!!
 i think everyone had fun...i know i did.  speedy had tried the pumpkin carving with syd last week and she screamed with all the gooey guts.  tonight she just jumped right in there and seemed to have a blast.
 maddie enjoyed the snacks and the halloween nail polish i'd found for her.  she did her nails and syds and eventually even miss rio catalina's.
 getting mucky with the pumpkin guts

 gotta set aside the best of the pumpkin for future loaves of bread.
 mac and gail worked together on their pumpkin.  mac brought his own tools.  that is a serious pumpkin carver.
 sandra didn't bring a pumpkin but she manned the stove/oven and worked on the seeds and guts.  speedy brought some flavor sprinkles for the seeds.  i liked the flavor but it seemed like the seeds were either overcooked or undercooked.  still haven't perfected this skill.  will have to work on it more.
 i'm an outdoor photographer sort so sorry, flash photography isn't my best.  i just used the powershot and my hands were a bit grimey.
 more finished pumpkins...syd and speedy
 packing up and sharing the nummy treats that everyone brought to share.
 i had a box with some hats and such. maddie liked the witches one...and looked adorable in it of course.
 syd felt this mask went well with her Tinkerbelle costume.  i think she's right.
 bob and tanya were pretty serious with their carving as well.
 while they carved rio got her PETicure.  she's pretty mellow as you can see.

 at some point a zombie pumpkin began to arise from the discarded pumpkin guts.  i may have to sleep with one eye open tonight.
 again mac's and then bob's creation.  it was tough to keep the candles lit for pictures as the wind was really blowing.
 more pumpkin zombie action
 tanya's witch pumpkin
 rio, the lady of the house now, relaxes on her couch.she was exhausted after her guests left. entertaining is draining for a mastiff.
 mac got artistic with the other side of his pumpkin.
 a few last shots of rio post pedicure.

i will crash though as i'm pretty sleepy at this point.  had a lovely evening with great friends.  good night.


  1. Looked fun! I worked tonight and would much rather had been there with you guys... I still haven't bought pumpkins. I need to get shopping after some sleep.