Sunday, October 20, 2013

lazy, happy saturday!

 there were some options that interested me tonight, but instead i got totally lazy and carved that last pumpkin.  i took some of my stronger cough medicine last night as i was just sick of hacking, but even though i take less than the full dose i tend to be a bit hungover after i take it.  found some cool pumpkin designs on WWF website.  who knew.  great ideas though.  i printed them off for next years pumpkin massacre.  above is a rhino in case you can't tell.  came out fairly cool.  i do like rhino's and they are at risk of being totally decimated in the wild due to poaching.  idiots just want their horns.  so frustrating.  what is wrong with people that they can't see the beauty and value in preserving the wildlife of this earth and can only see the dollar signs of killing it.
 did manage a walk.  it's continued a bit windy but the blue patches i saw seemed to be over the north bivouac area so off i went.  i was thinking of hitting the beach but it looked pretty dark over that side of town.  above you can see the ball bounced into a tree and blossom is in background desperately searching for said ball.  eventually she found it...with a little help.
 we took the gasline to powerline to tank trail.  a bit muddy in parts but not too horrible.  my feet stayed dry and i just had my short boots on. need to buy new ones.  still sore on the bottom of my right heel...i'm self diagnosing it as a plantar fascitis.  stretched this morning before i got out of bed and i think it did help. gotta love the internet.  it was nice out really while we were walking.  was thinking of taking this loop for the monday walk this week.  we'll see.
 both dogs are tired tonight from their romp in the woods so i was successful.  there are a few movies out there that look interesting, but i can always see them later at home, cheaper.  there was also a hockey game and a gathering.  oh well.  as a bit of an introvert i can only manage so many social interactions in a given time span.  haha.  i do love my friends, don't get me wrong...i just go into loner mode pretty quickly.
 sunset from my place.  took a wee nap this afternoon which got me off schedule for my pool plans.
 a few more pumpkin shots.
 hard to know the angle and you can't really even see the pumpkin in these...they really are pumpkins though.
 here are the stencils that i printed off.  not too bad.  i got a bit confused with the rhino's head..delicate work.  didn't want the disaster that occurred last night to repeat itself.
 tried baking the seeds again.  not sure if it's really my thing in the end. but i did  like the rub spice that speedy brought over.  dillo rub?  a nice blend.
 this guy below is my resident squirrel.  he seems to like the seeds i hadn't cooked but left out for him.  he was very busy today getting ready for winter. i know he's got a stash of seeds in my shed...not sure if he has a nest in my shed or under my shed.  he was running back and forth along the fence, leaping across to a feeder, grabbing food and back to the shed. over and over and over again.
 it was quite entertaining.  i know i have no life...i sat there and watched his antics and attempted to get pictures of him through the window.  i did catch him in flight several times but they were all grossly out of focus.  they move so dang quick.  way quicker than i can.
 it's amazing to watch him fly up and down the top of the fence.
 blossom has been busy chasing cats out of the yard.  i always encourage her to chase them out as i don't want cats eating the birds i lure in with food..that would be cruel to lure them in to their death.  we've had some cat visitors these past few days.  blossom seems to leave the squirrel pretty much alone.  the cats do enjoy watching him though.
 i spent so much time watching him today i named him "argyle".  not sure why but it's kinda cute.
 so most of the pictures i took of argyle were tossed but a few survived.

 here he is in mid air along the fence.  he must have made hundreds of treks on that fence today.  i took pictures, left to walk the dogs, returned a few hours later and he was still at it.
 a few last pictures from the walk today.  it's brown out there and now we wait for the snow.  with the light fading you start to really want the snow to brighten it all up.  it just is so much darker without the snow cover.
 this is the black bear tree on the road.  soon a black bear will den up inside it for the winter.  it is indeed hollow.  crazy to think that a bear dens up less than 50 feet from that road with cars driving past it all the time.  i didn't walk over and check it out too closely though i thought about it.  there was a small part of me that was concerned that she was already in there, getting it ready.  no desire to meet up with any bears for a bit.  i could see that hole on the side though  and that was enough for me.
it's getting late.  i shall head off and read a bit or slap a movie in.  good night

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