Wednesday, October 23, 2013

campbell creek estuary...

 i had heard that this was being built up. i believe it was previously private land that was donated to be kept wild.  looked online and no dogs are  bikes either apparently.  it's a short loop really with a few points of access for better views.  they want it to be kept safe for the birds that use it in the spring and summer especially.  looks like it will be a pretty place to view sunsets...or really northern lights too i'd guess, though they probably close the gate at a certain hour.
 rio stuck to the couch and i took blossom for a loop by my house at the campbell creek trailhead.  we walked the airstrip and then back through the viewpoint started out cloudy today but quickly turned beautiful.
 watched a great movie the other night.  it was in my netflix pile.  it was called, "Vitus".  really wonderful flick.  it was about a child genius.  natural talent in the piano...anyway, he gets to a point where the pressure is too much and he wants to just be normal.  after a fall he simply fakes that he's hit his head and is now of a normal IQ.  of course, this distresses his parents to no end.  he has a somewhat quirky grandpa who he likes to hang with and eventually gramps discovers the lie and keeps it for him.  anyway, i won't give it all away but such a sweet little flick.  would for sure watch that one again.
 having a little nightcap of a root beer float...ok so it's not an alcohol based nightcap.  sure is tasty!
 there is apparently some person that has been getting into single female apartments on my side of town.  nice.  sounds like he's entered through unlocked doors and windows, lower level.  i'm not too worried, but you do always have to be alert.  home invasions are not desirable.  my Los Angeles roots do come in handy.  i'm somewhat neurotic about locking doors and such.  i tend to check them several times as i'm doing what i do at night. was a kid when the night stalker was a serial killer on the loose.
 i've also had  several experiences that make me more paranoid than the average i'd say.  i was woken in the wee hours by a teenager groping me.  eventually i had the presence of mind to whack his arse and scream at him to get the "f... out of there".  he was crawling around the bed at that point.  i was housesitting and he was their eldest kid and wasn't supposed to be there.  it's not a good way to wake up when you aren't expecting it.  kinda like waking up to a bear attempting to get into your car...of the two in that case i'd take the groping i guess.
 am i set in my beliefs?  marcia and i were talking about this the other night.  i think many of my values are set at this stage of life...i suspect you shouldn't be too confused still after so many years on the earth.  my beliefs are ever evolving though i think.  i think i'm pretty open minded and even though i probably get my mind changed less often than i once did, it's still something that happens.  i try to read a variety of things and listen to different viewpoints and others feelings.  i also try to  be open to people that perhaps aren't my favorites upon meeting them.  i've often learned a lot from people that initially i wasn't thinking i'd find any connection too.  that being said, often times my first opinion does turn out to be mostly correct.  still, i think you can learn and grow from the people you meet so it's good to be open to others.
 the flip side of that is that sometimes you have a positive impact on others.  you just never know.  i recall one girl that i'd call on stuff who just always seemed angry and judgemental.  years later i got a note from her and some of the stuff i'd said had impacted her and she was a much happier person.  she wrote to thank me...i had no idea i'd been anything but just my usual outspoken, obnoxious self.
 the creek winds around out here quite a bit before actually getting to the inlet.
 a 76 year old was jumped and beaten up in the neighborhood of this estuary.  you take Edinburgh to Selkirk drive...he lives on Edinburgh.  very sad that there are these idiots out there.  they tied it into the fact that this park opened.  i suspect there is absolutely no connection.  just unfortunate.  did make me look around a bit when i parked and went walking.  there were others out there who looked quite benign.  i left blossom in the car and hoped for the best.  all was well.  hope that poor guy heals fast and that they catch these people who are causing harm to others.
 as i am out here at this estuary.  the innertidal zones up here are mostly mud flats and that mud will suck you in.  the other thing is that the tides change dramatically and in a very short span of time.  there was a couple who went out there with their car this weekend. i guess the part they went to is part of the military base so not a good idea to be out there anyway as there may be unexploded munitions out there. they got stuck and then put a note on facebook looking for help...another couple came to help with a 4-5 year old and then they got stuck too.  the first car was too far out and the water was swamping it so they made it to the second car which was closer in.  it was also getting swamped and the kid was getting cold..they were rescued by helicopter. i'm just shaking my head.  there are signs all over not to go out on the mud flats...and still people do and have to be rescued.  they really should be charged with the costs of the rescue.  people are so entitled these days that even mother nature is supposed to bow to them.
 pretty tree and a few last leaves that haven't turned brown yet.
 blossom at campbell airstrip.  it was a pleasant and relaxing walk.  probably should have texted around to see if anyone wanted to join me, oh well.
 did get a few things scheduled.  dental tomorrow.  can't wait!  :-)  also stopped by the bank.  hopefully, my account is fixed.  they were reversing charges as well so hopefully that has been done.
 so though i didn't accomplish tons i did get a few things done...and that to do list that's been sitting here is actually almost all done.  i'm slow but i do get a few things done eventually.
 the trail on the way back.  always love these trees...pretty much anytime of year this area is amazing.
 a volcano erupted on the Russian Kamchatka peninsula.  the ash cloud was pretty large apparently, but it has now dissipated.  still learning to spell stuff.  the Russian volcano i wouldn't even begin to attempt.  Klyuchevskoy.  can't believe i took a year of Russian and have forgotten so much.  would love to get one of those spendy language boxes i always see advertised and give it a try again.  it was fun.  anyway, i can't see Russia from here, but their volcano eruptions can impact Alaska from time to time.  
 a 12 year old in Nevada brought a gun to school and shot his teacher and then himself.  the gun apparently came from home and i was hearing on NPR that charges may be brought against the parents.  so sad that the teacher made it through 2 tours of duty in Afghanistan and was killed on American soil by a 12 year old.
 four sisters in Botswana won a case there. tradition is that only males may inherit.  these ladies were all in their late 60's- early 80's.  after living on the land, taking care of their parents and investing their own money they were to be evicted as a male nephew was given the property and such.  they fought this in court for 5 long years and won the case!!  so happy for them.  i'm sure the battle will continue for them and they will have to continue to battle those in their community who are not happy that they won this battle...but every small victory builds on to the greater success of the rights that they deserve and have been denied simply because they are born female.
 the estuary signage. they are still working on the trails out there it looks like.
 it's a loop with a few side trails. one to a look out and another to a blind for bird watching
 not too many birds out there right now. spring should be hopping with migrating birds.
 this was one lookout spot i walked a short trail down to.
 the trail down there.
 as you can see not many folks out there.
 this is the blind. of course, i about took myself out.  there is a step in the middle of the blind that i didn't notice. clumsy
 looks like a nice place for a house out there...unless the big quake comes and a repeat tsunami i guess. there is a house out there though.
 will be interesting to see what happens with that sweet little girl found with a Roma family in Greece.  it doesn't look like their story of being given this child is ringing true with authorities.  hopefully, if they have kidnapped her she can get back with her true parents soon.  must all be frightening for her though.
well, i shall turn in now.  dentist at 11 am so i'll have to get moving in the morning and not be such a lazy beast.  i may listen to a few more ted talks by Ken Robinson.  i had told Marcia about him which made me want to hear his talks again.  will sleep with my keys by the bed...just on the off chance some idiot tries to bust into my place. i've heard keeping your keys by your bed gives you the chance to kit that super loud and annoying panic button.  the guy was recently scared off by the yelling of the womens house he broke into so i'd guess the panic button sound wouldn't go over to well. i should have pushed mine that morning when the grizzly was trying to get in...maybe a good loud noise to consider in the future should another bear try to come at me.

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