Monday, October 14, 2013

grateful witness to a miracle...

 sometimes medicine works and last night i was extremely grateful it did.  my heart is light and joyful today.
 after having the first night off on call i worked the next two nights in the adult icu. i stayed busy both nights.  when i work though i do prefer to stay on task.  i'm getting paid for that. i can't say that i see that same work ethic all the time around me, but in hospitals it can be hard not to work those 12 hours. i mean sometimes some people really have to work at not working.  i did manage to take and pass my PALS exam, yippee! so now i just have to go in and do the live check offs.
 woke after a lovely sleep was raining when i went to sleep. the sun came out though so i headed out with the dogs.  we just walked the tank trail up and circled back through stumphenge. i had forgotten my little powershot so i just took out the zoom and snapped a few that i put in here today...all caught up. nothing spectacular but this is that time of year....the leaves are down and it's all brown out there.  there is always beauty. lots of nice folks and nice dogs on the trail
 i'm grateful that i could be there for someone who needed me.  it just seems like bad things should never happen to the best people, but sometimes they still do, so i'm happy that the bad thing was corrected by a tiny bottle of medicine.  it's just those miracles that make you love working in medicine.  makes you grateful for all those who do the research and those who take the chances.  mostly for the kindness of those who work at the bedside...helping you through it all when fear overtakes you and sharing your joys when the medicine works and the healing begins.
 hugged my puppies a little longer this morning when i got home from work.  i'm also grateful for wonderful supportive co-workers.  they made it possible for me to be where i was needed and when i came back to my patient that sweet charge had done the whole bed bath and linen change!!  love her!!
 just watched a short documentary on national geographic photographers while i loaded pictures and such. it looks fairly old, they were all still shooting film, but still always interesting.  my dream jobs of professional photographer and field marine biologist sound lovely but the reality of these jobs is that they are both pretty demanding in many ways.  you have to deal with the elements and long bouts away from home. i'm not really suited personality wise to either profession...but it is fun to have dreampt of.  cool jobs, but not always as easy as one imagines when you look at the photo in the magazine.
 of course, nothing is ever as easy as it seems.  many people have a completely skewed belief in what a bedside nurse does.  it's not a glamour job at all.  it's also not really all bed pans either.  it's what i am suited for though.  i hate to admit it, but i'm much better suited to a life as a nurse than i am as a life as a national geographic photographer or marine biologist.  the other dream job of veterinarian would probably have worked and i did train as a zoo keeper and that probably would have worked for me too...though that can be tough on your body.
 the coughing continues.  it did occur to me that i could take my cough medicine tonight with the strong antitussive, then the bottle of mikes hard cranberry/lemonade called out to me.  it's soothing my throat and i suspect will help with the coughing.  if not stop it make me care less about it.
 monday walk time...noon.  seems like a reasonable change.  gotta clean the house a bit for my pumpkin masacre party friday...well more of a gathering than a party really.  hack up some jack o lanterns!!  it's supposed to warm a in the pit???  perhaps!!
 finished reading a book i'd been working on while i was on call the other night.  love getting paid over $4/hr to read my books or lay about.  got to watch the latest episode of "the big bang".  my tv is getting worse and worse.  there looks to be a sale over at best buy and i'm hoping i can maybe just buy a new tv and get them to set it all up so that i can watch dvd's or even set up netflix on it.  maybe even look at a wii..those are supposed to be fun!
 the book was, "and the mountains echoed" by Khaled Hosseini.  i have enjoyed other books by this writer. this one took me a bit to get immersed in, but once i was in it was difficult to put the book down.
 getting tired.  the dogs are already out for the night.
god blesses those who give of themselves freely....

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