Tuesday, October 22, 2013

monday walk...and not much else...

 nap, read my national geographic issue...chat on phone with friends.  at least it's clear i'm not a total hermit.
 speedy and little syd came, along with libby and a newbie to the monday walks, michelle...i think they all had fun.
 lena brought her sister and tanya joined in as well...add on to that amy with miss lucy and we had a lovely crew out there.  lena, her sister and tanya all took a short cut.  i'm sure rio wishes i'd taken her on the short cut as well.  she survived, albeit slowly, and is happily snoring away behind me here.
 i was slowest walker out there...well when miss syd was walking she was going at rio's pace.
 michelle doesn't currently own a dog but she loves them and brought lots of treats.  the dogs all totally fell for her and her treats!  she's admired blossom on facebook for quite some time so great that she got to meet my dogs live.
 always a bit crazy getting started.  the dogs are maniacs, the kids get locked and loaded, well sometimes they get knocked over.
 was reading about a storm chaser that got killed in a tornado.  risky business.  pretty sad though.  always love nat geo.  i have put a few photos on their my shot page just to see what reaction some of them get.  so far the favorites seem to be a bear shot i posted and another shot i took through icicles on a beach up here at sunset.  kinda fun.
 lena with amy and lucy.  they were all booking so i didn't get to chat much.  amy and lucy came to kaladi's along with the others that didn't turn off.  we ate pumpkin bread and zuchini bread that lena had made and i brought my pumpkin seeds.  they got eaten so i think they turned out pretty good.  finally!!
 lots of lena hugs.  so happy to have her with us and looking pretty dang healthy!!
 had a nice long lovely chat with my old pal marcia this evening.  always fun.  we met in 7th grade.  i do have a lot of amazing friends in my life.  i'm quite lucky that way!!
 miss syd checks out the roots of this tree that came down.
 blossom looks fairly clean here really considering how many mud puddles she lay down in.  thankfully, it mostly falls off of her and there are a few other places with cleaner water for her to clean up a bit in.  she loves herself some mud though!
 michelle again, surrounded by dogs
 we met even more dogs on the trails out there.  lucy gets to say hello to a few cute pups!
 syd pulling up the rear...haha!
 miss breezy chatterbug was feeling fickle today.  she kept going back and forth between rio and blossom.  she prefers her canine companions to her human one i can say for sure.  she likes me too, but she is a dogs cat!
 she leans towards blossom...i suspect poor rio has accidently stepped on her a few too many times.
last picture from tanya...she posted this last one on facebook...i liked it..just missing tanya!!  i'm off early and headed to bed to finish up my magazine.  good night all...happy walking

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