Tuesday, October 1, 2013

waiting for nyquil to kick in...

 woke sometime in the wee hours with chills..by the time i felt well enough to get up and get the thermometer my temperature was 101.3F.  for me that is high  and i suspect it had been higher when i was feeling worse.  i notice my temp when it's over 99.  sinus headache all day and general malaise mixed with continued fevers and chills, but only temps in the 99 range the rest of the day.  hoping this bugger leaves me as quickly as it came.
it was a pretty day for most of it,  blue skies, but later it clouded up.  i woke at some point to see the above out my bedroom window.  the light was just lighting all the trees up like they were on fire...amazing.  could see a faint rainbow as well.  so this was my photo of the day.  only one.  no walk except up and down the stairs to try and eat and take meds.  exciting.
 ended up calling out sick.  hate calling out...i always feel so guilty.  felt like crap though.  the rest are still from september walks.
 obviously from earlier as we have less and less mushrooms and there are now way more leaves on the ground.
 the government went into partial shutdown.  idiots in dc...that is really all i have to say on that! i hope they aren't getting paid but do have to keep working anyway.
 idiot beiber apparently got carried across the great china wall.  what a princess!! watched a few minutes of "the talk" today and the one lady was saying how it really is just offensive.  she was saying how many lives were lost building that wall, that it was build using slave labor and as people died they just were put in the wall so it's offensive that he would allow himself to be carried...disrespects all those who died in the building.  i must say i agree.  i guess most of his fans thought nothing of it.  what a sad society we live in.
 the berries are all gone now...these sure looked pretty.  these are from a neighborhood walk one rainy day.
 a few trees have these bright red leaves.

 had made chicken noodle soup last night..not sure if that just didn't make me feel worse today rather than better.
 not much to say today.  was in my own little world.  that means i had old episodes of "the big bang" playing in the background and played a lot of bejeweled..that was all my little sinus invaded brain could handle.
 hopefully tomorrow is a better day.  the worst of it usually only lasts like 24-48 hours.  fingers crossed it doesn't turn into a big bad cold bug complete with bronchitis.
the nyquil is starting to take over my brain so i shall retire for the night.  thankful that i didn't get close to anyone on the walk yesterday...no hugs...see there are perks to not being a hugger!!  down with huggers!!  haha!!

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