Thursday, October 3, 2013

tired and bored...

 these are the last of september.  these first ones are from a walk in girdwood.
 felt well enough to not call out sick tonight.  the place must be pretty slow still as i got put on call again.  hoping i don't get called in and can get more rest, though that usually ensures that the phone will ring.
 this slow spell has been going on for a bit at the hospital. i'm starting to feel a bit like katie...retired, but she no longer has to be on call.  lucky girl!!  don't like call.
 was thinking nyquil would be good.  took the non drowsy stuff in an attempt to chill my symptoms...still super tired and now the coughing/sneezing/snorfles have started up.  of course, i really needn't worry about sleep.  i slept a few hours this afternoon on the non drowsy cold medication.  so much for the non-drowsy part.
 poor blossom got ripped off of a walk again today.  was feeling perky so opted to try to do a bit of yard work.  after i did that i was totally wiped out and that was when i napped.
 liked this one above.  it really is pretty in that forest in girdwood.
 loved all these tiny mushrooms out there too.  will have to return again a few times next year and see what mushrooms i can find.
 it's a rain forest like ketchikan...not as thick, but the greenery is so pretty.
 another thursday home meant i got to watch another episode of "the big bang".  really liked tonights episode.
 just went to the tram and back, the back way.
 almost done loading the photo's to shutterfly.  going faster than expected.  still have to get the iditarod in there.  that is always a lot of photo's.  then i can work on getting the calendar and christmas cards made.
 this shroom below was in my front yard.  there is quite a few still in my yard. the leaves are starting to come down.
 a very windy day at the beach.
 blossom still enjoyed chasing her toy.  hopefully, i get feeling a bit better.  hate to waste my days off.  still have this to do list giving me grief.  did buy plane tickets for texas.  i get less and less excited about flying the older i get.  read a thing about this guy who used to fly all the time but has vowed to stop.  i guess those big jets are one of the biggest users of fuel and are very harmful to the environment.  tempting...i really don't fly that much compared with the average person i'd guess.  my carbon imprint could always be less.

 loved these windy shots of blossom
 this grass is brown for sure now.  should make another run down to the beach tomorrow if i feel up to it.  may be some good moose activity as well.

 someone had built another little hut down there.
 very few flowers left at this point in the season.
 pfd checks should have been put in today.  $900 extra dollars.  never turn down money.  thanks state of alaska.
 back to mushrooms for another walk.  when i was out these last times i saw loads of mushrooms melting back into the woods.  there is that smell of fall in the woods.  dead and decaying plants.

 i'm always amazed at how many types of mushrooms are out there.  so moist in ketchikan, i wonder how many types i would have seen if i had really been looking for them when i lived there. they did have all those cool slugs there.  my favorites had spots on them.
 haven't seen any big slugs around anchorage.  i'd guess girdwood may have them.
 back to another day out at powerline pass. not many mushrooms out there.

 these are on a loop around little campbell lake

 love finding cool random leaves.  lots of green leaves on the ground this year. not sure why that is.

 not much to say today.  sorry.  don't want to linger too long on the blog too as i know that phone could ring and i'd have to wrap it up anyway.

 love how the water pools in the mushrooms. i will have to try putting things inside them more next fall.  those were a few of my favorite pictures of mushrooms this year.  i know one of those will make the calendar.
 this looks like the bog.
 a few last shots up at the tarn at hanging valley.
 not enough big hikes again this summer.  it's not like i wasted much time, it's just hard to get all the hikes in you want in the summers.
 reflections are always just amazing!
 rio is snoring.  she never has to be on call.  dogs really have a good least my dogs do!  well, maybe not blossom today.  thankfully, they are both at that mellow dog age.  they don't mind chilling with me doing nothing.
 simple, but i still really love this one below.
 maddie hams it up.
 3 hours down....
 my cold medication is kicking in.  for sure feel more perky.  couldn't find any caffeine in the house.  i don't keep chips or soda in the house.  all i could find was one lone can of ginger ale leftover from the party.
some kinda fungi.  back to shutterfly or just attempt to sleep.  probably should sleep, that phone could ring any time.  would be nice to get whatever sleep i can.  then if i don't get called in, i just get more sleep.

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