Wednesday, October 9, 2013

can't go wrong with peace...right?

 was without car for much of the day so i did things around the house. part of yardwork is taking the pretty leaves from my now leafless amur maple and writing notes on my deck.  the leaves are too pretty to waste and i was thinking i may be able to write words in various objects found in nature and use it for next years december calendar.  seems like december is generally my weak one.  seems to beg to be themed and i seem to fall short...oh well.  it's just a gift...but the words could be fun next year. will try to find stuff throughout this year and give it a try anyway.  these turned out cute i thought.
 after i got my car back i headed to powerline pass to check on the moose situation.  not the best but there were a few moose to entertain me and the dogs were happy to finally get their walk in.  well blossom was happy, rio...hard to tell. she's a trooper though so she did the approximately 5 miles by the time we looped up to check out the views of anchorage as the sun was setting and it turned out to  be a beautiful day!!
 this guy and a female were past the bridge...i could see them from the bridge which is about 2 miles out so i went back up to the main trail to get a better look.
 did get some leaves raked, dishes, laundry, fresh sheets, fresh i was somewhat productive.  finally got those patio chairs inside.  finally i've made a dent in the famously undented to do list.  of course, i added a few more to it as well.  cest la vive as they say.
 my only photo with a dog in it today.
 it is nice to have the car done.  tires changed over, oil changed, lugs tight, and it's clean...the bear paw prints are officially no more.  it was time.  thanks to katie for the rides to/from....that is always a bother.
 woke up early coughing and didn't get much sleep so i even settled in on the unmade bed in the sunshine for a brief nap.  my front bedroom gets bathed in sunshine at certain times of the day.  love that warm sunshine!!  it was lovely outside, but on occasion i need sun that feels hot...some times that takes a window up here.
 on the way back i saw that this guy had found himself the object of several photographers.  there seemed to be nobody else out on the trail as i walked out, but on the way back i did run into several folks.
 did the view loop.  saw folks doing this loop in their high heels from work.  nice that people just get off work and make a run for a view on a day like today.  it was a beautiful sunset.  nice to not have to wait until midnight to see the sun go down.  soon i will be able to do my noon-2 hike and then watch the sunset.
 looks like we will change the time for the monday walk to noon for now...may move it even earlier later, but we'll try's easy to remember. i don't work the night before and lena has an earlier kid pick up this year so hopefully that will make it work for more people.
 i didn't watch the entire sunset up there.  i was starting to get chilled.  so i headed down the hill at some point.
 these are jumbled between the two camera's i was using.  zoom and canon powershot.
 could clearly see redoubt and iliamna volcano's out there.  i think these are mostly of redoubt though.  don't think the one i took specifically of iliamna made the cut.
 not that i have a huge process. i'm thinking i will take my absolute favorites and not condense them so they will be easier to use later if i want to for various projects or just blowing up.  condensing isn't the best for many things, but for just internet use and blogging and stuff it works fine.   loads quickly...looks decent.  works for me for the most part.  for the calendar i really should be using the full sized.  will be easier at the end of the year to sort though the pictures i want in the calendar anyway if i've sequestered the favorites through the year.  i mean most of my stuff is just fun photo's.
 it was a great day to be outside and i'm happy i got to be out there most of it.
 tomorrow night i'm back to work.
 besides peace i also wrote out joy and love.
 blossom was happy to sit around while i worked.  soon the breeze blew all my leaf art away...nice to enjoy a life where i have free time to play with leaves!!
 a few more moose shots..this guy was seen on the way back, close to the o'mally trail so i was surprised he didn't have any photographers.  probably came out of the woods after they'd walked past.
 love that i caught this guy sticking his tongue out at me...well no doubt it wasn't intentional but it still looked funny i thought.
 a rare moment of sunshine before i was in the shade of the mountains around me
 the sun was mostly on the other side of the valley.
 this the usual bridge shot...have them in all seasons...well except winter where often you can't even find the bridge.
 a parting shot of the amazing sunset tonight...
will be taking cough medications tonight.  if i get a virus i most likely will get bronchitis...and i have.  hopefully the inhalers will keep it in check and help me kick it.  so much fun!  thanks smoggy L.A..  good night!

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  1. Beautiful! Maybe next fall I'll get back since I had to change jobs this year to close to ask for the time off.