Monday, December 8, 2014

another day in Anchorage....

 happy festive Polar Bear.  there is a new Bass Outlet store.  went to a large Texas Bass store when i visited last year.  my brother loves their Christmas display so i decided to go check out our store here. there are loads of stuffed animals which is a bit unsettling.  i'm sure they were all legal takes but it still is a bit strange to think of every store having all these stuffed critters across the nation.
 the many people at the store told me they try to use animals that would be found in the state.
 took the dogs to Gasline-Powerline-Tank today.  didn't wake up until nearly 1...guess i needed sleep.
 i only slept a few hours yesterday after work and then joined a friend at the UAA craft fair.  by 6pm i was ready for bed.  i think i went and took a nearly 2 hour nap.  then i got busy with Christmas stuff.  lots of packages ready to be mailed.  won't be an extravagant Christmas but hopefully a fun one for everyone.
 as i walked the tank trail the sunset began to show itself...and it was going to be beautiful.
 i'm sure i missed part of it on my slow walk back to the car.  i get the walk done but it's not the fastest or most efficient walk.  not pretty.  i'm feeling very old with this knee right now and i really am not happy about that at all!!
 after i got to the car i zipped up the road to the Basher Trailhead and headed up for what i could see of the sunset.  Basher is a great spot for sunset watching.
 left the dogs in the car in order to speed things up...i know i'm actually the slow one.  didn't want to leave Rio alone in the car and i knew i'd really only be a half hour or so.  that sun was going down!
 the bright sunset lights against the dark clouds was just so dang pretty!!
 slept off and on through the rest of the night.  watched a movie at some point.  "Hawking".  a documentary biography about Stephen Hawking that he narrates much of.  it was good, interesting.
 bottom line is i have no idea how much sleep i actually got, but i woke to feed the dogs at 8:30 am and then crawled back in thing i knew it was nearly 1.  i'll have to set my alarm tomorrow and get moving quicker.  hoping to get the tree tomorrow and get that up.  need to get some cleaning done as well.
 these are more from the interior of the Bass store.  well, the float plane is at the entrance outside.  the store isn't as large as the Texas store, but then Texas seems to have a little man complex and feels the need to do every thing bigger than life... it's just that Texas knows how tiny it is in comparison to the size and grandeur of Alaska.
 the scenes were pretty and the paintings were done by locals i was told.  sadly, none of the animals had any information with them.  seems like a waste of a teaching opportunity.  it's a store not a nature center though i know.
 not really clear where they get their specimens was just told they purchase them locally or commission them from local taxidermists...not sure what that really meant
 there were seemingly tons of workers there, many more workers than shoppers.  of course, there seemed to just be one lane open when i went to check out.  i'm sure they thought me a bitch but i went over to the customer service to ask about this.  some lady came and got me and took me to a cash register away from the front.  i bought one of those edible bird houses for the birds.
 was thinking i could add it to our woodsy tree decor.
 i still haven't been to the new Cabela's in town.  i think it opened before this store.  not sure exactly where it is.  was thinking of hitting the new Hard Rock Cafe-Anchorage for possible Xmas gifts tomorrow so may check it out as well.
 this shot gives you more of an idea of how the store main area is.
 of course, this big guy was in the guns and ammo area.
 this poor wolverine was just atop of some clothes rack.  it's all a bit undignified but they do have some fine specimens there i guess.
 could always shop for clothes there i guess.
 ate like crap today.  having some snacks now.  i'll have to improve tomorrow.  no idea what i'll eat when i'm laid up.  could just live off my fat stores for a few days.  haha.  hopefully, i'm moving fairly well quickly.
 these guys were chilling in my tree when i got up.  went out to do the weekly poop pick up.  waxwings.  so pretty.  they must burn tons of calories flying about like they do.
 these are with the zoom lens on todays' walk.
 above gasline below tank, some guy was skiing with his 3 pups.
 the rest are sunset pictures.
 work...well, i did get called in.  just after midnight i think.
 was called in to be a sitter on PCU.  that is generally the only way i'm on PCU it seems.  crazy lady going through alcohol withdrawls.  what made it worse was that her boyfriend was there as well and he was also going through withdrawls it seems.  never could get her settled no matter how much ativan we gave her.  he'd just come over to the bed and start talking super loud, then they'd argue.  he couldn't figure out why she couldn't remember shit and kept repeating stuff.
 he had no patience.  it took everything i could to stay calm and pleasant. despite my best efforts and the benefits of ativan the lady got more and more confused and agitated.  she started yelling and kept breaking up with the guy, eventually she started kicking him and hitting and trying to bite me....i thought they were going to go at it...called for assistance and put the little gal in 4 point restraints.
 my knee was pretty sore after that long night.  sitting/standing/sitting/standing.  i do better just walking all night.
 the sky was just on fire!!
 my lovely city of Anchorage basked in the light of sunset.
 friday night i spent back in the ER.  not sure what the moon was doing or if it's just the season...everyone was nuts in there.  our section became psych holds.
 one guy was getting mad at me for being nice..".don't be nice to me". not sure but paranoia was obvious and there wasn't anything we were going to be able to do for the guy.  not sure what i'm supposed to do if i'm not i supposed to be an arse to the guy?  thankfully, a co-worker helped him along the way.  i had discharged him but he showed no signs of leaving and instead was writing a long run on sentence about how we hadn't helped him at all.  not sure what my co-worker did to convince him to leave but i am forever grateful!! one less psych pt in the house!!
 the guy asked me what race i i'm a pretty obviously white girl.  this became that i must have some German in me...yes, i'm a European Mutt type of gal.  the sad thing is...if you don't believe you are crazy nobody can really help you.
 should have listened to the voice in my head though that told me giving this patient all the patient education material the Dr had selected for him was a mistake.  he was gonna read every line...too much information.  my motto's at work, "let sleeping psych lie".  also with kids, "you wake em you take em".  concerning bladders..."you are always gladder when your bladder is flatter" or "always wipe before you swipe".
 of course, i continue to have my own mental issues.  am sure i am having all sorts of symptoms now that clearly did not exist before my exam.  again too much information. i try to remind myself that if the guy was really thinking the worst he probably would have signed me up for a biopsy or something within a week or so.
 in odd news a cat with two faces passed away in the lower lived to be 15!  not bad for any cat, let alone one with two faces.
 liked this shot above.  simple.
 was reading as well that one man died in an avalanche yesterday maybe?  out the Richardson Hwy.  the guy he was with was able to dig himself out.  he found his buddy after he dug out but said he was not alive.  i think the area has been too unstable for them to go back and retrieve the body.  always sad.
 a rescue attempt turned tragic when an American and South African hostage were killed.  saw his family pleading for his life.  this seems to always end badly.  starting to think going on the media to plead for a life just ends it quicker.  these hostages were held by Al Queda terrorists not IS.
 the general store in Kivalina, a remote village, burned down.  that will be a major loss for that community i'm sure through the winter.
 liked this plane out there in the clouds.
 the race issues seem to continue and get more heated in the lower 48.  a small group walked in Anchorage i read.  cops do make mistakes and the 12 year old holding a fake gun and getting shot would probably be a better case then the fergusen one.  there are two sides to all stories.  people need to get the facts before reacting solely on an emotional level.  as i've said the cop and the kids family in Fergusen seem to both be hell bent on increasing tensions rather than trying to mend any fences in this situation.
 a wrongful death lawsuit has been filed in New York on behalf of the family there.  it seems like the best way to go.  cops will make mistakes and there are ways to investigate those.  they have a very difficult and dangerous job that they receive not enough compensation for.  not sure expecting them to do jail time and treating them as common criminals if their intentions were good is our best choice in these cases.  they all need cameras and we need to see both sides...i don't think many people really understand what they deal with day in and day out...just like i don't think people really know what i deal with at work every day.  maybe some real time video will make it all a bit more clear.  it would surely have been helpful in the fergusen case.
 a woman stands on a street for a few hours every week and holds a sign that simply says "Peace" perhaps i should stand on a corner with a sign that says "walrus rock" every week and see if i can get the word out! i'm sure Blossom and Rio would be willing to greet folks and spread the word as well.  i could carry pamphlets and take donations...
 reading through the old newspapers...i always seem to have opinions about the latest stuff and i'm not sure why i feel the need to share it, but dang it...someone should hear my opinions..haha.
 memories of the past...overall, my childhood was pretty standard.  we were safe.  we had food and shelter.  we had love.  there were a few rows as well, but compared to stuff i see other people dealing with our life was quite breezy.
 my mom stayed at home until i was maybe in second grade, then she worked part time, at some point that switched to full time.  i remember she always wanted to get me polka dot stuff and i was just never a polka dot kid i guess. i begged her for this pink jean jacket and pants i'd seen at sears.  she broke down and bought it for me.
 i was so excited and happy to wear that outfit to school the next day.  my excitement was soon dashed as kids in a grade or two above me saw me walking in to school and teased the hell out of me for wearing all pink.  they were mean!!  well, i thought they were mean.  i was super shy as a kid.  i'm sure my mom wondered a few times why i never wore that outfit again.  she never asked about it.
 people are still idiots at times.  one morning at work i was just chilling waiting for the day shift.  the manager of that unit came in early and was chatting.  he made some comment about my outfit...scrubs.  the pants were green, the top was green themed and the t-shirt underneath was apparently green as well.  i didn't find it amusing that he decided to point out all my green in the way he did.
 last month a young co-worker pointed out the grey in my hair.  she had noticed the picture on my work badge...they never let you update the dang thing after you hire on, which seems silly. who looks the same like 15 years later?  it seems like they should just get you a new picture every 5 years so you actually look like your picture more.  i should have responded to her comment, "wow that is really rude and hurtful".  can't remember what i said.  usually you are just surprised when people say these things.  i'm fine when little kids say stuff, they don't know any better.  adults though...really?
 there aren't the number of pictures of us as there are of kids now, but then i'm sure that was true in our day too.  there were loads more pictures of us than the generations before.  camera's that exist in every household and every hand now just weren't the norm 100 years ago.
i'm sure i have bored you enough....that is if you have read all of this.  if you have congratulations and thank you for listening!!
and now for my thankful for's for today...
a.  being able to walk still and hoping for better walking days soon
b.  the furs who put up with me and forgive my imperfections
c.  sunsets...

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