Tuesday, December 2, 2014

tis the season!!

 i'm starting to deck the halls.  hopefully after i'm done here i will write my official Christmas letter and get the cards organized.  then i can work towards getting stuff ready to mail off and next week get the tree up!! not sure where i will be putting it but want to be ready for Christmas before my surgery on the 16th.
 4 of us out on the trails today!!  the snow is a great motivator and everyone is so happy to have snow again! it's still coming down a bit.  the dogs were happy and Rio again joined us.
 i'm still a bit slow but hopefully January will  be a good month for me walking wise.  the other day, feeling like perhaps i was over reacting to this knee pain i tried to run up the stairs.  not my smartest move.  it just doesn't feel too bad when i'm on flat ground...yes, i'm an idiot!  so clearly, the joint is not right.  fingers are crossed that the surgery improves the situation.
 new governor was just sworn in today so i posted the note for folks to copy and paste and send off. i hope a few people do.  i also posted it on our web page.  haven't seen any changes so i have no idea if my New York friend is starting a new page or what.  will write him a note tonight and see what the news is.
 heard a rumor that a new Director of Fish and Game was appointed. not sure what that news will be.  wrote a note to a fish and game friend and will try to call a contact there tomorrow and see what they have heard.  hoping we see some positive news come out of fish and game.
 my desk is a mess.  little pieces of paper and this and that.  i need a good file system.  fishing through all these papers for this and that is silly.
 hoped we had the pond area to ourselves so the dogs could run and play...soon after we arrived a group of 3 dogs came running out of the woods....that is how it works some days.  the owner was whistling but the dogs didn't listen.
 a nice group for the Kaladi's after as well.  always fun.
 talked to pre-op.  guess i have an appointment the day before surgery.  got an inkling of the pricetag as well.  thankfully, i have met my deductible...there will still be some money to pay though.  always fun.  beats what my money went to a few Christmas's ago when someone hacked into my wifi.
 so Merry Christmas to me...
 so bright out there on the ponds...snow, glorious snow!!
 battling continues in Ferguson over that mess.  the police guy has put in his notice.  he seemed a bit like an idiot, saying stupid stuff that really didn't help the situation.  like the parents of the kids.  there is a way to say things that doesn't inflame.  everyone needs to simmer down.
 apparently my facebook had been having me see more and more of my one siblings stuff, i thought i had blocked it.  enjoy seeing photos and such but all the political and negative crap really are just  annoying.  there were several today including one "joke" about global warming and it being bull...so hopefully i have his stuff blocked off again.  really don't like when facebook is used to post negative/political crap.  prefer updates about family/friends, photo's and positive stuff that makes you smile and want to be a better person. is that too much to ask?  for some it is.
 overall, i like facebook as i find i can keep in touch with people.  it's not intrusive.  people can come and go as they please and put out there as much or as little as they desire.
 will have to hit a few craft fairs this weekend and get some Christmas shopping done.  the UAA one is on and i always like that one. usually the Native Hospital one is the same weekend as that one.
 i'm hearing that my squatting days may be over after this surgery...they seem to already be over i guess.  haven't been able to squat since this happened in August.  i have always been a squatter.  it's a great way to stretch my back out in the wee hours of the night.  also it was always easy to squat and empty catheters and such.  i am mourning my lost squat!!  so sad.  so hope to be able to use this surgery and PT after to kick start my work out program.  bought a few Rodney Yee yoga dvd's.  have always liked his programs.  hopefully soon i will be back on top of my flexibility and strength.
the other dogs are blurry but my Blossom came out clear in this one.
 we did the first round of decorations on our selected tree.  the woodland critters should hopefully enjoy their treat tree.  of course, K-T sent pics of a black bear still out wandering in the area so hopefully she is now asleep and we aren't feeding a bear...which i suppose we could get sited for.  hmm.  oh well.  the dogs were quite interested in what we were up to.
 it's our third year decorating a tree in the woods with animal friendly fare...for the most part.  i did put some nutcracker ornaments up as well.
 Lena tried to keep the animals at bay.
 should check into getting a spot in Denali National Park for this summer camping.  have never gone to Wonder Lake.  should get out there.  also haven't been to Kennicott so that is another must see that is on my list.
 Blossom is happily napping on my bed.  she is so dang cute!! she never stays the night there.  usually just chills there for a bit and then down to the tile downstairs.  Rio sleeps on her bed at the foot of my bed.  thankfully, she's never seriously attempted to get on my bed and has been discouraged when she's put a paw up.  she is way to large to share a bed with and waking up to that dog vomiting would be very unpleasant.
 treats and  every dogs full attention!!  a bit of a skirmish occurred soon after this.  dogs and food...always a risk.
 the decorating committee.
 i'd actually forgotten that i had announced that this week would be the week we did this and so was totally unprepared.  i ran over to Carrs after i had the dogs loaded and bought a few things.  whew!! made it there in the nick of time.
 these were kinda cute/funny of the group.
 i took a selfie but it was pretty frightening so no shots of me with the tree.

 a few of our Kaladi's crew today.  we had muffins, chocloate and oranges for snacks.  :-)  nummy! it was crowded there today, not sure why.
 the snow in my window when i went out to run a few errands this evening.
 on the way back i cruised a few neighborhoods. i'm thinking it should be a good lights year as the low snow and warm weather probably meant more people got out to get lights out.
 the trees always look so pretty with snow on them and the lights  this one is a big guy!!
 these folks went all out.
 this blue one was pretty too, but much smaller.  i have my lights on now on my deck.  nothing so elaborate though.
 and of course, i had to write this on my deck.  the snow has probably covered it by now.
 a quiet evening in with the critters and a fire.
 this is my Christmas tree stand....no tree yet and i'm not totally sure where i'm going to put it now that i have my new chair.
 it's a heavy stand so does good at keeping a tree upright despite large dogs and inquisitive cats.
well, i guess i should get working on that Christmas letter now.
thankful for...
A.  Christmas lights.  always so pretty, they just make me smile
B.  traditions, old and new.
C.  Walrus...may they live forever

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