Wednesday, December 17, 2014

random old pictures of update

 i am coming out of the narcotic/anesthesia fog.  thanks to my good friends for helping me and the pups out.  it's been amazing and comforting to have so many offers and kind words.  i have felt well cared for...!!
 surgery went well from what i hear.  it was the clean out procedure with minimal repairs required.  so my recovery should go smoothly.  i can weight bear and tonight i have actually wandered the house crutch free.  i was so dreading being on crutches.  i will still use the things, especially on my first ventures out of the house i suspect.  we shall see.
 the first night i seemed to be moving great.  about 2-3 in the morning the surgery drugs were wearing off and i had increased pain and stiffness so not the most comfortable night, but that is to be expected.  had to refill the ice container in the wee hours and drag it upstairs.
 this afternoon i blended my narcotic at a lower dose with some ibuprofen and tonight i did the same with my daily dose of aspirin the doc wants me to take.  i think the ibuprofen will help the inflammation more.
 Katie took me to the surgery center and also came by tonight to load me up with ice, get my mail, do a few things that i wasn't sure i could manage . it's the little things that are tough and it's great to have folks take care of those things.
 yesterday Sandra picked me and and was my primary caregiver for the day and then again this morning, going the extra mile and taking Blossom to the bog for a stretch.  i guess Blossom wasn't keen on leaving me behind and had to be coached to leave the front of the house.  the poor dog had seemed concerned all morning when she saw me with the crutches.  i think she really hadn't noticed the night before due to her excitement at all the visitors (of course, they must be there to see her).  Rio has been a bit more of a challenge but we are coping.  a large blind dog and crutches in a not so large house...well, i'm sure you can imagine.
 Gail came by with nummy Ling and Louis dinner last night for us all and then stayed to get me all tucked in for the night.  she also has arranged with others care for sweet.  Lena picked up Blossom yesterday for a walk and i think she plans on trying to do that again.
 in addition to that i have had loads of calls and texts and even flowers.  i feel very loved and blessed and i can't thank you all enough for your kind thoughts and words.  i can't wait to get back out there walking and taking pictures to share.  these pictures are all of me at various stages of life.  aging is just one more part of that.  life has it's ups and downs but on the whole i wouldn't change a thing.
 getting sore so i will keep this short and put the ice on while i watch a movie.
thankful for...a.  a safe and successful surgery so far b.  wonderful friends and family who have made these past 48 hours not only bearable but fun.  c.  a great life, in a great place with great people and pets!!

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  1. Glad to hear you're feeling ok and up to being online! Wishing you a continued smooth recovery.