Saturday, December 20, 2014

crab meat...

 saw my DR today for my first post op visit.  he mentioned crab meat several times in reference to my meniscus. as he was opening the door he picked up my chart and i could hear him exclaim, "oh, i remember this knee".  not sure one wants their knee to be memorable to someone who does them all the time.  it was apparently an unusual injury, impressive even.  i was asking for a note to return to work on Dec 30, but he said Jan 6.  so now i'll need to write a note to my management team and also call FMLA folks as they have me returning earlier.
 of course he could be thinking of crab meat as i had to pay him over $1000 before he even started...perhaps crab meat was on his mind all along.  the pictures do kind of look like crab meat.  he went over them with me today. there was a bit of meniscus that was imbedded in a notch.  my sutures came out and now i just have steristrips.  one of those stitches seemed to be hanging on for dear life.  Thanks again to Katie for the ride.  it was a pretty quick appointment as was my PT meeting later in the day.  thanks to Nelly for that ride.  really all i did was fill out papers and schedule more appointments for next week.
 still some pain and i suspect that will carry on a bit.  he asked if i needed more pain meds. i  said no, i mean he'd given me 40 pills already.  he gave me a script for 30 more pills.  apparently, my concerns that i was being a wimp about all of this were unfounded.
 these are views out my bedroom window where i have chilled the past several days.  it's the most comfy place.  elevation and watching "The Big Bang" and "the Gilmore Girls" at my nieces suggestion.  so far i am getting sucked into that fun and quirky show.  hopefully i have not exceeded my time on the internet or streaming stuff...if i have i will have more than just a surgical bill to deal with.
 have also played several games of bejeweled and bookworm.  i am calling this all comfort there such a thing?  Blossom has been well cared for.  thank you to my faithful dog walkers.   She looked very concerned about my crutches the other day and a few times has needed some extra incentive to go for a walk without her mama...such a loyal and sweet canine!! Rio has also been loyal and sweet.  my biggest challenge is trying to keep my needy blind mastiff from killing me on the stairs.  she seems to believe she needs to walk right next to me when i go up/down those stairs.  she stays very close...i suspect i smell hospitally and this is very concerning for her.  perhaps she fears my demise and her missed meals.  i can weight bear and i mostly use the crutches for the stairs and to keep Rio at a safe distance.  the little ice cleats are helpful as well.
 ice magically appears in the cooler on the front deck...thank you to good friends and i have had a lovely meal each night.  my friends are the best!! my appetite is still not the greatest but we are getting there.  soon i will be myself again.  beautiful day, lovely sunset...wish i could be out there walking.  not really cleared yet for swimming and hiking.  every day is one day closer.
this is my armband...50 year old female...WHAT??  so strange!! no idea how they get this information...clearly this is incorrect and i am NOT a 50 year old female!!
 wrote to the new, possibly temporary commissioner of fish and game and the President of the United States.  not sure one sure write the President on narcotics, but hopefully it doesn't read that way.  he signed papers protecting Bristol Bay forevermore from oil and gas exploration. not mining and not walrus protection but i figure, what the hell, may as well ask, right?
 this is my ice machine.  the new cryo-cuff.  we are fast friends.  i put the ice in a big baggie and load it in my little green backpack for the trek up the stairs .  it likes to eat ice!!  don't want to have too much swelling.  may cruise to the mail box tomorrow to get my own dreams this week are small i know.  everyone keeps telling me to not overdo it...i must have a reputation or something.
 Pogi has been as loyal as the dogs and is ever at my side.  such a sweet cat my boy.
 a better shot of the ice cleat adaptors for those of you who live in more sunny weather.  these just click down over the bottoms of the crutches to help keep me safe on the ice.  more alert tonight, less narcotics on board.  hopefully soon i will have pictures from new walks to share with you.  was quite bummed to not being getting to go back to work when i'd hoped.  i'm sure it's for the best.  should have told him i had a desk job....then i would have been cleared earlier.
good night...things i'm thankful for tonight.  A.  my niece for the lovely suggestion of "gilmore girls" it has made the time pass quickly (hoping i don't get through all 153 episodes this week though. ) B.  my human, canine and feline support team...couldn't do this without you all!!  C.  decreasing pain and increased ROM.  every little bit helps.  :-)

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