Friday, December 26, 2014

Merry Day late Christmas

 got to be too late last night...or i just got too tired.  my friend decorated the envelope she mailed to that adorable or what?  will have to get ML to work on a WARIS bumper sticker...:-)  hoping to always have our logo available, but perhaps do a new sticker each year so that people are encouraged to donate, buy stuff when we have that set up and help get the word out at how cool walrus are!!!  this guy sure is cool!!
 more cool designs in my very dirty car.
 dressed for dinner Christmas eve.  went to my friends daughters place.  they cooked some tasty food....a chef in the family is pretty sweet deal i think!! thanks to them for hosting and serving up quite the impressive meal.
 selfie before i headed out to dinner.  the last few nights i have headed out to randomly look at lights in various hoods.  saw a few nice ones.
 today the weather warmed again.  we've had a smidgee of snow each of past few days but not nearly as much as we all would like and then it's warming.  no!! the ice is melting on my porch a bit.  where is winter....?
 These past few days have been good walking days for me.  yesterday, Christmas, i was able to take the dogs on the Tank trail up to the small bridge and back.  me, two dogs and all.  at first i was attempting it all with both trekking poles.  several swear words later as i attempted to deal with Rio on leash, Blossoms leash, the chuck it and two poles...i put one back in the car and things went better after that.
 i was quite elated to be back walking.  i was slow and steady but i was thrilled to get some distance in.
 today i did a loop in North Bivouac.  out to the open area, across the pond and then back down trails to the car.  ran into Lena and her hubby at the trailhead so they kindly walked with me a bit.  really nice cause i am quite slow.  speedy has agreed to join me tomorrow.
 this was the only picture i took on the trails out there yesterday...i was just so excited to have walked this far and felt good.
 bending is still not easy.  no crutches for stairs anymore but mostly i take them one step at a time.  todays loop had a few small inclines, and slopes down.  i can feel those and for sure have to slow down for those, but i figure as long as i go slow and pay attention to my bodies cues it will be better in the long run.  the ice after activities really helps tons.
 after my walk yesterday i headed towards Potters as it looked like it could be a nice sunset.
 above is the train car that scoops up the snow.  it's just on display.  i didn't dare get out of the car at most of the pull outs as there was lots of ice. better to not risk it.
 pretty sunset.  just nice to be out.  though sitting isn't my best position...unless my leg is up on pillows.
 still feel more tired after small activities and rest in the afternoons after icing.
 last night i joined K and K for dinner.  thanks Katie!!  tasty!!
 had PT today.  she pushed a bit harder today and i could feel it.  she starts with a massage and ends with ice.  both are helpful.  i'm looking forward to my massage on the 5th.  hoping i can get the doc to write me a scrip for massages and get several in January.  he did seem open to that.
 also hit the gym on Christmas eve.  funny thing...i saw my surgeon as i was leaving.  i'm sure we both did that, "god that person looks familiar..." for a few before we figured out who the other was.  didn't stop and time if my brain reminds me quick enough i will.  good to see that he likes to exercise and therefore appreciates what our joints mean to us who use them.
 just did the bicycle for 20 minutes.  of course, i was going for rom and not speed or power....the machine kept turning off on me so i couldn't keep track of time with it nor could i listen to the music.  next time hopefully i can put enough on the bike that it knows there is a human still trying to exercise.  i'll take my ipod just in case though.
 a few in black and white.
 i've been terrible at doing much of anything besides these exercises and laying down with leg up or iced.  cont to watch big bang or Gilmore girls.  no brain required.  the other day i lay down to take a short nap and i woke up 3 hours later.
 my sleep/wake schedule is all messed up.
 sounds like i missed a sunset again tonight.  oh well.  there's always tomorrow!!  debated hitting the gym tonight, but between the PT and the walk i'm a bit sleepy
 more lights from last night.

 the two above were on houses and the one below was in a yard.  life sized moose...nice
 soon all the Christmas stuff will be put away for another year.  i debated it a bit tonight, but i can only do so many little tasks before i feel a bit worn out...well just my knee. overall i can tell the knee itself feels so much better. doing the surgery was the right thing to do.  it's mostly the muscles and stuff around the joint that are still trying to get back to normal.  PT will help and just moving.  i'm a big fan of moving.
 had to battle Blossom a bit today after my friends left.  as soon as she noticed they had gone a different direction with their dog she started to just sit on the trail and look sadly back in the direction she last saw them.  i finally just gave up and leashed her.  had to keep getting her to get back up and move forward.  silly dog.
 woke in the wee hours of the night Christmas Eve.  posted on facebook something about fixings for a reindeer party that i had left on the roof and the sounds of hooves waking me up.
 Rio is snoring, but she has for sure kept up with her watch over me.  i can't get but a few feet away before she notices i've changed locations and jumps up to follow me.  Blossom seems to be normalizing a bit now that we are getting a bit back to the routine of walking.
 eating well...lots of good meals and leftovers!! will need to get back to my walking routine and drop a few pounds!!  tired of feeling out of shape.
 lots of people out on their new toys today.  fat tire bikes seem to be the item  to purchase of late.  those bikes have frames to fit the fat tires and i think the bike runs a good $3,000-$5,000.  i won't be doing winter riding anytime soon except at the Alaska club indoors...of course i suppose with all the money i've paid out to the gym over the years i could have bought one of these spendy bikes.  got to use my summer bike a hell of a lot more before i consider a toy like that.  looks like too much work for me right now.  people do love them though.
 scott stopped by.  always great to catch up with him.  so far they seem to be doing well in Hawaii.  his wife is in he's happy.
 these are still from yesterdays sunset.
 always love low tide in the arm
 lots of cleaning to do in the house.  may need to undecorate a bit over the next week.  not ready for too much bending and kneeling though so no hurry.
 all the decorations just feel like a mess after a bit, needles everywhere...just gets to that point where you are ready to move on from the Christmas stuff and get back to the normal mess of day to day life.
 was driving around and actually missed the best part of the sunset yesterday as well.  still pretty, no complaints.
 i've got lots of candy and cookies.  not working i forget how much of that stuff i take in and share with everyone i work with.  it's building up in the place...!!
 light through the trees...always love that.
 may settle in for a bit with the leg up.  my knee got quite the workout today...
thankful for A.  friends and family...can't ever be thankful enough for them B.  chocolate and cookies...nummy!!  been a tasty cookie season C.  Christmas music.  listened to it a lot over the last few days.  the Christmas Canon with the boys choir and the trans siberian orchestra is my favorite i think.  D.  the spirit of Christmas...may it last all year long.

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