Monday, December 8, 2014

fun and productive day out there!!

 wanted to sleep more but i dragged my lazy arse out of the bed and off to the post office.  got a group of packages off in record time and headed off for the Monday walk in the nick of time!! these guys were sure happy we did too...always fun out there.
 i encouraged Rio to stay home and thankfully she did.  it would have been too long of a day in the car for her.  when i pet her back i can feel those bones creaking.  it's gotta hurt her...saw some xrays of her spine a few years back and there was tons of arthritic changes then..can't imagine how bad it looks now.  she keeps kicking though.
 looks like it was another spectacular sunset today.  no pics though as i was in the car headed downtown.  it all worked out great.
 we had a lovely group for coffee and then Michelle and i headed downtown as we both needed to hit the Alaska Mill and Feed shop...her for dog food, me for a Christmas tree.
 since i wanted to make a stop at the Hard Rock Cafe-Anchorage, we just went in and had a meal...right under Elvis!!
 we grew up knowing Elvis a bit...a family in our ward were friends of his.  Ed Parker owned a Karate studio and apparently he was a body guard for Elvis for a time.  i remember going to their house and in their front entry way one of the infamous wild jackets of Elvis Presley was on display there.  i never met Elvis myself but my sister tells of him coming by their early morning church class, i suspect he was with Ed Parker who was probably picking up his kids.  nice family.  no idea what they are all up to.  i know the kids, at least some of them have continued on with the family Karate business.
 Ed Parkers funeral was huge.  Elvis had passed years before.
 got a few more things for Christmas.  time is flying and i don't have too much more of it.  will have to try and hit a few more stores tomorrow after my walk and then try for another post office run.  the more i can get shipped off the better.  won't really be up for it i suspect post op.
 the tree is up.  no lights on it yet.  they had just hosed all the trees down before i got there this evening  at least make them look fresh i guess.  haha.  they actually do a pretty good job there at AK Mill and Feed.
 Gail and Michelle joined us on the trail, later Tanya and the speedies came to coffee.
 the tree i got was a bit smaller than last years.  more manageable with my current situation.  my knee is sore today.  some days are better than others.  probably my charge up and around gasline/powerline/tank yesterday.  up and down are not the best thing on me...flat is good, but it gets dull so i tend to push it.
 added the seed bird house to our tree.
 no big signs of nibbling noted.
 we cruised out to the big field then back to stumphenge and then around the pretty open area and back to the tank trail.
 always pretty out there as well.
 the little creek is still a wee bit open so the dogs got a quick drink.
 off to the Hard Rock.  this used to be Rum Runners for those from the area.  it's been completely re-done inside and i thought it looked nice.
 some memorabilia as is always the case at the Hard Rock. this is Elvis, we ate below this and next to...
 the Beatles.  good company to keep
 several of the bands i must admit i had no idea of,  but as i have done a bit of drumming in my time i was happy to see they had a full set of drums hanging on the wall.  i hope those are pretty secure..would be a pretty loud bang coming off that wall in a big quake.
 we were eating at the Senior Citizen time of 4pm so hardly anyone else there.
 nice to be able to wander around a bit...we cruised upstairs where they have a i had to go up there and test it out.
 i so could have been a rocker...!!  Not!!  i have played in front of a few live audiences...well kinda anyway.  i played drums and did vocals in a band that played for a lesbian wedding years ago in California.  no, they weren't legal, but they did a legal paper signing as part of the ceremony...creating a partnership...all that was available to them.
 i also played my guitar and sang a few times at an open mike cafe in South Dakota and the same at the Monthly Grind in Ketchikan a few times.
 liked the bottles and cymbals...another area that could potentially be quite loud in a quake.
 Heart...another favorite group.
 yes, i'm dating myself  the trees are going fast.  they aren't lined up for viewing like they were in the tree lots i went to as a kid.  hard to really get neurotic about selecting your tree. there was one that someone else must have rejected but had debated seemed decent enough.  once the lights and ornaments are up...who will notice
 i'm not like my father who would rebuild the tree in the garage before bringing it inside for us to decorate.  he would pull a branch off here and put a hole and glue it in the end it was always beautiful.
guess i shall retire for the night. that is my was wet tonight so i think i will wait til tomorrow to put the lights on.
thankful for
a... food, treats and friends
b... a quick passage through the post office.  easy breezy!!
c... happy dogs

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