Monday, December 15, 2014

beach sunday...

 pictures keep randomly adding into this as i write. lately it seems like blogger doesn't load all the pics i select, then i re-select them and again, nothing and then suddenly...there they all are.  so hopefully there aren't any doubles/triples of the same picture in today's post.  apologies if there are.  silly computers.
I often try to hit a beach on Sundays. this time i braved the sledding hill down to the coastal trail.  not being sure how nimble i shall be in a few days i figured it was worth it.
 funny there was some news show thing about being in tune to yourself.  people pay money to go someplace and experience silence, solitude, quiet.  they walk slowly and feel each step they take.  with all the ice out there on this trail you must focus completely on each step.  i guess i live in a state of zen most of the time.
 was again on the don't get to sleep until 3 am and then don't really get out of bed until noon.  i have an early day tomorrow so i will have to drag myself up and out no matter what time my body wants to sleep until.
 loved these of Blossom.  above were from yesterdays walk and below todays.  the sun was really smacking her for a bit.  i was going to take a selfie but i was being zen and focusing on walking.
 apparently, my peaceful/tranquil life is something to be envied.  after i'd finished walking and was about done running errands i noticed all these texts on my phone.  i think i'd slept through most of them.  i'm not a slave to my is an example of me not looking at the thing for hours.
 it was friends doing a better job getting me ready for surgery than i am.  i'm not very good at asking for help or even admitting that i might need help.  of course, as i fed the dogs today it did occur to me that it might be a bit difficult to do that for a few days after this surgery.  i may need help with those things.
 one friend will take me to the surgery and another will collect me and settle me in at home.  will probably just get her to feed the dogs as well.  since my surgery isn't until 1pm i think i will try to again get my butt out of bed and cruise the bog with the two of them.  that will make it easier for them to be alone the rest of the afternoon.
 made up some gift/goodie bags for the locals.  it will be a simple Christmas for me this year, but it does feel good to have something for pretty much everyone and to have stuff that needs to be mailed, done.  cards are out, house is decorated...even did some baking.  chocolate chip cookies and some brownies.  i was going to make the brownies into cute little trees like i did last year, but that didn't go as they still taste good even if they don't look it.  oh well.
 thought a few of the raven shots in the sun turned out.  i think it was a raven...i still get confused between ravens and crows.  how do you tell the difference?
 it was another beautiful sunset this afternoon...well 3.  the sun comes up around 10 am and is down around 3. give or take 15 minutes.
 most of the city was cloudy as i drove from the house.
 got the neighbor gifts delivered.  rang the doorbells and nobody answered...which i must admit i was kinda happy about.  things to do so nice to be able to just drop them and go.  i'm such a hermit...i know, it's sad.
 a few others were out there enjoying the sunset.  this couple had a young pup.  i think they worried that it's exuberence was disturbing Blossom . she didn't mind, she is funny though as she really doesn't care about the dog...she just wants to get at her tennis ball.
 i often liken her to a football player.  waiting for her moment to get clear. eye on the ball constantly!
 of course, she would be like me in that she is not competitive.  she is kind and would hand the football over to the other players if they really wanted it and were nice about it.
 here she is with her beloved.  haha.
 started my day in the yard doing the weekly poop pickup.  all went well until i decided to slip the bag filled with poop over the fence. it was supposed to rest on the trashcan lid on the other side, instead the dang thing slipped and all the poop fell out in the front yard i had to do poop pick up duty twice in one morning from either side of the fence.  i was not all that happy about it and was a bit gaggy i must admit.
 could have easily walked to the ice edge, but i was good where i was.  still have more pictures to add in for tomorrows entry
 i gotta figure out how to walk on crutches. i tried to teach a little crutch walking for a thing we had to do for nursing school...i wasn't very well versed in crutch walking. it seemed self explanatory until i was directed to demonstrate stairs.  i was not prepared.  this was often the case. in school as in life i often slide by with the minimal.
 i often say "i'm on a need to know basis".  never was an overachiever.  of course, looking back on my nursing school days i was in school full time and working full time (evenings and nights at the vet clinic) i also worked out seriously (lifting weights for 2 hours 3x/week, biking everywhere, dancing) oh the between all of this i was out at the country clubs two stepping and line dancing probably 2-3 x/week.  now i need to use crutches and need that knowledge.  hopefully, i'll figure it out.
 signed up for a massage the day my massage therapist comes off of maternity leave in January.  wrote notes in my phone.  will have to try and remember to ask about possibly getting scrips for massages. crutches and such will no doubt irritate my little winging scapula.
 not as stunning in black and white, but it's always worth a try. still pretty.
 not much eaten today.  may have to pop down and eat something before i crash.  at ate one of those cookies with some water for breakfast and then just kept going. that was for my wake and feed the dogs breakfast...Blossom wakes me up for breakfast around 8-8:30 am.  i think i'll set the alarm though.
 watched a bit of barbara walters (or baba wawa as my brothers used to call her) top ten most influential people.  not sure i ever agree with her.  her top one was the lawyer that married George Clooney...really?  another one was one of the Koch brothers, really.  i guess those guys are influential, but i can't say that they should be put on some block and idolized.  the brothers sued their own mother...that really tells you something about the level of greed.
 they were suing each other and the mother decided that any of them that sued the others would be cut out of the family they turned around and sued her.  greedy jerks!!
 again she said this would be the last time she'd do it.
 pancake ice on the beach at low tide.
 these were from yesterdays walk.
 not as stunning of a sunset but i did enjoy the frost.
 always funny how the frost will be hit and miss in an area.  the ice fog comes in patches.
 not a horrible day to walk along the waters edge.
 there continues to be snow in the forecast but none has fallen yet.
 more frost shots.

 kinda cool
 the planes fly right over head at point worzonof.

 the house isn't clean, but i guess it's cleaner.  there is ice on the front deck.  i think i'll know more after my pre-op meeting...
 still need to schedule my vein procedure.  haven't heard about that since i went.  was it approved?  who knows.  wasn't sure what order to do these in.  could i still squeeze that in before the year is out or will it need to wait til next's looking like it will be next year.  hopefully when these are both done i will be set up to get fit as a fiddle and ready to hike some nice ones next summer...
 one more from today.  always pretty out there.  great sledding hill.  not much sledding this year so far.  skating/kick sledding we've had plenty of though.
 good night...
grateful for travels over ice in a zen fashion
b..the people who have influenced me, which have been friends and family not stars and millionaires
c..getting stuff done, it does feel good sometimes to knock a few things off the to do list, especially around the holidays!!

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