Monday, December 29, 2014

post PT pain as promised!!

 they worked me a bit more today in PT.  semi-mini squats and knee bends.  stairs are still tough.  going down in a normal way is improving but going up is still not there yet. walking a few miles every day.  PT has said this was fine though they said no to a treadmill.  probably less easy to control elevation gain and all.  the stationary bike is fine as i can put it on a super low setting and it's for ROM over exertion.  i've stuck to mostly level trails that are packed down.  a few times i've walked a route with small incline/declines to help build up my knees for those dang stairs.
 not many pictures as managing the dogs, the chuck it, the leashes and the trekking pole is generally enough and it's been pretty grey out...not to mention i've been on the same trails pretty much every day i've been out there. the two above were actually from today's drive to PT.
 overall every day i can feel improvement in my range of motion. pretty amazing how quickly function is returning.  tomorrow is post op day 14!!  i'm off work another week.  DR's orders.  work encouraged me to do the FMLA thing so i have to wait for the Dr's note to return. i'm sure it's best.  everyone said i'm the sort to maybe try and push it too much.  i've been very careful with recovery but i do suspect if i hadn't gotten FMLA i would have probably tried to work earlier than i should have.
 my discomfort is on the outside so inside my knee for sure feels better.  sorry to bore you with knee's clearly a large part of my world these past weeks.  the time is going fast.
nothing new on the WARIS front.  still waiting for the dust to settle post election.  the new Governor is going for big cuts in budget so not sure what that will mean for my walrus.  will check in with my friend who is working on the web page...hopefully we can have a cooler, better functioning web page soon.
 finished the first 3 seasons of Gilmore don't tell me what happens after that.  i was streaming those and i'm running out streaming time so now i ordered season 4 on DVD.  will have to wait.  watched, "Pirate Radio" last night...maybe the night before...hmm.  anyway, really liked it.  had no idea what it was going to be about really when i put it in the DVD player.  good flick though.
 way behind on news.  another big jet has been lost and they have yet to find it.  amazing in this world where we are so connected and monitored that a jet with over 150 people could just be gone like that.  very sad for all involved.  Malaysia Air has had one horribly tragic year.  they never did fine that one jet that apparently flew for hours before disappearing.  so strange.
Anchorage has yet to go below zero in 2014.  very odd.  the last time this happened in recorded history was back in 1952 i think it said.  i guess we average 20-30 days that dip below zero...a few years after the one with no days below zero they had a record high of 75 days below zero so we may pay for this warm weather.  to beat the record of days not going below zero we'd have to not go below zero until next Nov sometime i think.
 Our curlers are out of luck as their rink for curling is on the fritz.  who knew they had a specialized ice surface.  something about having tiny bubbles freeze over the surface.  not sure but i guess they can use an outdoor rink that they will have to treat to make the little bubbly surface.
the moose of Kincaid park are at risk...apparently there is talk of a hunt to thin them out.  not that there really are tons of them.  the new bike trails are all over the place and there are now more encounters...surprise, surprise so some want it thinned.  talk of killing all the females and just leaving the males and the calves to fend for themselves.  the guy mentioned in the article for pushing for it, wants it to be open to just over 70% disabled people....he himself is in a wheelchair. they would use guns and would probably have to be accompanied by an abled person as moose that have been shot rarely drop dead right there and i suspect doing the cleaning of a large moose may be difficult for someone who is 70% disabled.  
 the real Christopher Robin (milne) apparently donated the original "pooh" bear that his dad used to write the stories to his fathers American publisher back in 1947.  in 1987 the bear was given to the New York Public Library system.  now the Brits are trying to get the bear Winnie The Pooh, returned to England.  apparently this is an old grudge between the two nations.  Tony Blair had a discussion regarding the return of the bear with President Clinton.  the bear remains here in the states though.  nice to know our diplomats have time to fight over a bear....hopefully this does not cause some major riff between the two nations.
guess i should lay down for a bit, perhaps watch a movie.  between my walk and PT i am a wee bit sleepy tonight. yesterday i felt like i was being very lazy, as i skipped the gym and the bike, but i got several tasky things done at home.  dishes, laundry, dog poop pick up.  even got the tree down and on the front deck...not easy.  i may have to skip my annual tradition of dragging the tree to the recycling area and instead pay the boy scouts to pick up the tree.
not much left on our tree.  not sure where the headless nutcrackers are going...people taking them or are they becoming part of some squirrel den.  hmm..
thankful for  A.  turkey noodle soup.  B.  being able to walk outside again, even if it's slow and steady C.  Rio....even though she has driven me a bit nuts these past few weeks.  so needy!! night.

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