Tuesday, December 23, 2014

out and about....PT begins

 my other pictures finally loaded.  i drove my car by myself for the first time on Monday to the coffee shot.  these beautiful designs awaited me on the back window as i went to scrap the windows.  with the sun shining on them...i thought it looked totally cool.
 as you can see i still am dragging the crutches about.  for sure today it does seem more like a drag.  i'm using them very little and they seem more of a bother and a well, "crutch" for lack of a better word.  i've still been using them to go up/down stairs and i have had them outside mostly for stability on the ice.  i did purchase a new pair of trekking poles so perhaps tomorrow i will try my "walk" with those instead.
 i had PT today.  it's a bit of a drive, but worth it i think.  they were recommended by a friend, KP and they are super nice there and seem good.  i am in a good place to start PT apparently.  a good healer she told me.  my knee looks good and my baseline ROM  is better than expected...so all my mini ROM exercises have helped out i suspect. i was given more exercises to do at home and can go to the gym and do the bike for 20 min ( just for ROM not for calorie burning)  i can also do upper body workouts that do not involve legs at all.  so tomorrow i shall check hours there and try to fit that in to my day.  it's also Christmas eve so gym hours will be limited.
 Miss S was full of vigor on Monday and kept us laughing.  had no idea that Santa's naughty list is secret!!  i also enjoyed the local evening news which has a section updating all on Santa's progress this season...big news!! the reindeer seem to be in fine for by the way and Dasher and Dancer were seen doing practice take offs.  they are being fed extra food in preparation for their long journey.  i wish Santa, his elves and the reindeer well as they deliver gifts to all the good little boys and girls!!
 went with Gail to walk the dogs Monday at University lake.  the plan was that i would walk a short distance to some benches and then sit with Rio.  Gail was then going to do the rest of the loop with Blossom. within minutes of me settling down on the bench this adorable and fluffy dog named Blossom came rushing towards me.  she was not fooled by this plan and insisted on staying with me.  i think both dogs enjoyed their outing.  not their longest walk but still i think they were happy to get out
 this was yesterday.  the Monday walk didn't end up happening.  some confusion i suspect without me there.  i am apparently the center of the Monday walk world.  it's also a holiday week and everyone is running around in different directions.
 we did have a good showing for the coffee.
 hit the grocery store last night since i was driving.  of course, i took a rest after my little walk. activities do wear me out still. i was told in PT to plan for increased pain with the advancing work outs.  boo.
 the city lights are always so pretty.  everyone does a great job out there!!
 my ipad stopped mid episode of Gilmore Girls.  i think in the end i had totally killed the battery.  i'm told by the mac folks that some programs block the battery warning.   a moment of panic...i think all is fine though.  the mac folks did seem to act as though my ipad is a relic!! as we were checking the battery the guy looked up what i could get as a trade in...i think that was a hint.  $83 if it was working and $33 if it wasn't.  i see no reason to trade off my friend.  may get a newer version sooner than later, but i am not techie enough to trade up every few years when something is still working fine.
 i find it terrible that stuff is made not to last at all.  just adds to landfills and forces the public to buy upgraded stuff that a large chunk of them can't afford anyway. always amazed at how many people live in crap, eat crap, wear crap and yet they all have iphones and ipads and such.  it's silly.
 so lots of pretty lights to enjoy.  no light watching today.  i came home from PT and my super short walk sleepy.  took a 3 hour nap as a matter of fact.
 one would think that would mean that i would be raring to go today...but no, i will probably sleep well again tonight.
 PT seemed to want to wait on my swimming . this surprised me.  she seemed to sight more concern for the incision sites over any exercise concern.  i really figured they'd be cool with me at least doing walking in the water.
 so sad...but i guess i will use a little time each day i go to try and get these granny arms under control with some free weights.
 a real snowman among the lights.
 same hood a bit darker.

 i always love these lit up animals.  so much cooler than the big plastics, though some of those are cute as well.
 today, after PT i took Blossom to Cuddy park. it was fairly close.  i didn't walk too far.  i let her off leash to chase her tennis ball.  the end result of that was that she took a dump in the middle of the field and i had to hoof it across uneven snow to pick up said poop.  will have to remember this for tomorrows little walk.  level ground works best.
 thought this mailbox was pretty cool with the old ski's attached.  some people are just so clever!!
 this tree was a surprise down ones street.  liked the light on top.
 so wanted to grab my kicksled out and take it out for a spin...i didn't though.  they had just groomed this and were grooming the pond on the other side for ice skating!!  loved the light of the sun reflecting off the oval.
 this is probably about 1 pm..?  that sun is pretty low in the horizon . soon the sun will be around a wee bit more each day.  i think we did get an additional 4-6 seconds.  this first week is sort of a wash and then we begin to gain about 5 min/day or just over 30 min/week of light.
 the sun peeking through the clouds.
 Blossom didn't get the walk she would usually love, but at least she was out there and happy...so that is all that really matters to me.
 the planes looked cooling coming in /out of the clouds
grateful for a.  improvement and ok for some exercise, no matter how little b.  cool walrus decorated envelope today from Marcie!! will have to get you to work on a WARIS sticker one of these days.  :-)  c.  the best dogs in the world!!

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  1. Enjoy your social asides. Perfect interruption to the narratives. Glad you are improving.