Monday, December 1, 2014

snow dogs!!

 well dog....Rio was there too but she isn't always easy to capture in pictures.  both dogs and myself were very happy to finally get a good dusting of snow.  Happy, Thank you, More please!! like that movie and it seemed fitting.  i'm hoping for more snow.  Blossom got some good frisbee chasing in this week.
 3 nights of work completed!  ER, ACC, ER.  a lovely week.  nice folks everywhere and mostly happy, grateful patients.  well there are always those exceptions.  not everyone gets what they want and some people leave me confused as to why they show up in an ER at all?  you called EMS for what?  then you arrive and are surprised that tests and exams are ordered.  what did you think was going to happen when you called EMS and were brought to the ER?  baffling!
 Most of my patients and their families were very complimentary and a few went out of their way to let me know how much they appreciated my care and attentions.  that is always nice and as a nurse, it's not always that you get such gratitude.  i think people always remember your kindness though and treating people with dignity and respect no matter their background is most always appreciated i think.  there are some though, who will always feel like no matter what you do it was not enough.
 had a lovely family/patient.  low sugars on Thanksgiving of all things.  had to laugh...i mean who could have a low blood sugar on Thanksgiving...haha.  i think they enjoyed my comedic banter so much i may have been invited to Thanksgiving dinner next year.  haha.  patients and their families are captive can often find themselves in a position of entertainer as a nurse.  whether it's singing and dancing about a room for a 5 year old or comedy and singing for well...anyone else.
 in life i find one should always be willing to act the fool.  being too reserved and stuffy is quite dull.  laughter is generally helpful.
 the dogs got ripped on Thanksgivings day as far as a walk but they did get some lovely treats through the weekend which i'm sure was appreciated.
 these were at the bog and today we headed to University Lake.  always fun.
 there were a few labradoodle puppies adorable!! Blossom is the baby of this house no matter how old she gets.
 she looked all cute in the snow so loads of shots of her in that fresh snow.
 peekaboo's of the Chugach from the Lake today. was hoping for a pink sunset but the clouds came in and i never saw much as far as sunsets went today.
 hadn't been there for a few weeks and there was fresh snow so fun.  don't think i saw anyone i knew which is actually odd for that place.  usually you run into someone.
 the beaver stay active all year and there are signs posted all over saying beware of aggressive beavers.
 they have injured and even killed a few dogs at this park.  from what i have heard the beavers often get the dogs that are out swimming.     it's said they grab them from below in their belly and pull them under.  sounds awful.  because of those tales and Blossom's lack of ice smarts i tend to keep her leashed now on the open water bits and have a good look around first.
 it's a good thing i did as you'll see later...we weren't alone out there.
 a few chats with family over the past few days.  i have all the Christmas stuff to get started and i haven't really moved on that.  may try and write the Christmas letter and get prepped for getting cards out.  it's a good way for me to get my to shop for list completed.  it's started but there is always more.

 this baby doodle wanted to chill with us for a bit longer.  his name was fozzie and his owner was riding a bike.  Fozzie lingered with us for a bit and then took off.  so cute!
 but not as cute as this girl!!
 my turkey turned out nicely i thought.  i put it in the crock pot and it was falling off the bone by the time i went to take it out.  had a simple, family style meal with a few friends.  felt badly having to wrap it all up quickly so i could get ready for work, but it was still nice i thought.
 tonight i made some turkey noodle soup and stuffed myself with that.  nummy!! the soup and the gravy are my favorite parts of the seasons food.
 our family was always big on the mashed potatoes and gravy.  nothing fancy though.
 no good shots of this beaver, just had the point and shoot on me. happy i had Blossom on her leash though.  this was a big guy!!
 i think he can almost fell a tree with a single bite.
 time to shift the laundry about.  i know my life is pretty dang exciting!!
 Miss Breezy Chatterbug will snuggle up with any dog.  she loves herself some puppies!! as i settled down in my office tonight she curled up with Blossom.
 eventually, Rio made her way upstairs from the couch.
 Blossom was quickly booted out and now Miss Breezy is snuggled up with Rio.
 i won the drawing last night in the ER and was gifted with going home an hour+ early...:-) so lovely!!  thanks guys! Rio was sacked out on the couch and didn't notice i'd returned home.  i think it took her a half hour before she woke up.
well...i think that is all folks...!!
grateful fors...
1.  laughter
2.  snow
3.  the beasts that share my life with me.

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  1. That's a great thanksgiving gift! I can't wait for us to get some more snow too. I'll join the Moderates if you start them ;-).