Monday, December 22, 2014

walked to the mailbox and back..

 just Blossom and I...i must say my girl was less than sympathetic to my crutch issues.  some reminders about the word "heel" obviously i've slacked off with the training now that she is an adult dog.  thankfully, i left Rio behind for this momentous jaunt into the great outdoors.
 must admit i had some other motives.  i had texted Sandra with this plan to walk to the mail box in hopes that some neighbor would notice me and pull my trash cans to the curb for tomorrows pickup!  it was effective and my front drive and car both got snow removal as well.  life is good.  i have nice neighbors in addition to kind and generous friends!!
 the animals are always near.  Blossom has been giving me some snuggle time.  she rarely actually chills on the bed while i'm in it, but has been this week...which i appreciate!
 she had a no walk day today which was fine.  i chilled at home with her, enjoyed the snow falling outside and  tossed her toys from my lazy boy chair.  she did fine.  yesterday the fam picked her up and took her around the bog.  they attempted to take Rio as well, but Rio quickly put on the brakes and dragged them back to my place where she immediately settled into her couch in a stubborn defiance of said walk attempt.  she continues to be at my side at all times, sometimes at great risk to myself and my newly repaired knee.  other than a good tail whip one day and bending the knee a bit further than i think it was ready for...well, i've survived!
 today i actually did a lot around the house.  load of dishes, load of laundry, cat litter...trash and recycling out on deck to be hauled to cans by neighbors and MT, who also brought me some Tequilla Kitchen.  nummy!!
 held off taking actual narcotic for pain until this evening when i could tell it was time to just elevate the leg, take meds and get the ice bucket filled.  will make another ice run here in a few minutes and fill it for the night.  it does seem to help.  i try to avoid the narcs during the day and i only take one at a time, but if i need the pain meds i will take them, not to worry.
 got a ride with Katie and Karen last night to a Christmas PJ party...perfect for my state.  i still haven't showered or changed today, but it kinda sounds like a lot of the guests from last night lingered much of the day in the Jammie state.
 i was well taken care of but pretty tuckered out when i got home.  we did drive a wee bit looking at lights on the way back...always fun!
 i'll turn in pretty soon.
 am on season 2 of Gilmore Girls.  i mix it up with old Big Bang reruns.  Happy Lorelie didn't marry the's a term i came up with years before texting.  (nice guy but...) just not the guy for her.  i like that she is quirky and outspoken and dramatic.  it's a different sort of character that rarely gets time in the tv world.
 as i am a bit on the quirky and outspoken side it's a character i can appreciate.  of course, i wish i had her beauty...that must make being quirky a much easier things.  i also never had the rich parents.
 Happy Solstice by the way.  i started out attempting to take a photo every hour of light...since we only have 5 hours of light that seemed an easy goal...i failed at it though.  sorry.  did enjoy the snow.  always enjoy the snow.  walking down to check my mail was nice as well.  really not clear on what i should be doing or if i should be pushing more so i'd rather err on the side of caution.  the fact that i was given a script for more pain meds makes me think that perhaps the doc would have me take it a bit easy still.
 for sure every day the range of motion is a bit improved as is the pain.  well tonight a bit more pain, but i think i probably did over do it a bit.  i rested between tasks, but it was still a tasky day.  i even changed the sheets on the bed.  after laying in them for hours on end it just seemed the thing to do.  sleeping in fresh sheets always makes me feel good.  not easy to do and getting the clean and folded clothes back up the stairs was a bit tricky.  still more down there to haul up.
 those will just stay tonight.  no hurry.  to shower or not to shower...i'm kinda leaning towards not.  i've probably done enough today.
 this is my 11 am picture
 and noon.  really doesn't have the intended effect when it's cloudy out i think.
 need to catch up on my newspapers.  haven't even read them this week.
thankful fors...1.  being safe.  the news i do read is not always good.  attacks and N. Korea threats over a movie.  2.  cont healing and support of friends and family 3.  all those little things in life that seemed so easy to do..not being able to do them or it being more difficult to do them really makes you appreciate the ease that one generally goes through their day with.

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