Sunday, November 22, 2009

craft sale at the de' naina center....

sandra and i went to craft fair at the newish de'naina center. i know i spelled that wrong. lots of booths. i had to stop at the booth with all the furs. i'm always a bit mixed about the hunting thing. can't bring myself to buy anything. i fear the dogs would just get ahold of it and shred it anyway. they did have some very warm hats/gloves. pretty and soft as well.
i bought a few gifts at other boothes. i know sandra had bought a few gifts here earlier when she was there so we took a few pictures and were enjoying the soft furs....still prefer to see animals free, but realize that we don't live in that ideal world and that some thining of wildlife is necessary at times. i am against most trapping...doesn't seem like they've come up with humane traps and often they are put too close to trails and dogs get caught in them. they changed laws this year to prevent wolverine trapping as they got more dogs than wolverine last year and wolverine are so sedentary that it's hard to tell how many we actually have.
the convention center is a bit of a box on the outside. it does have this really pretty a gigantic mobile. it goes up several stories. hard to show how cool it is. the peices are whales and alaskan creatures.

this shot is a bit closer of several of the pieces. they are glass.

this last one i took from the center looking up. there were two adorable girls in the center looking up with me.'s quite pretty.

saw a few really good movies these past few days. tonight i met up with sandra again and we went to see "blindside". it looked like it could be a good flick to me. i wasn't disappointed in the least. it was just a really good feel good movie. nice to see that people can just be kind to those that cross thier paths. good to know that kindness exists...sometimes it seems such a rarity. a movie like this just makes you want to go out and help someone. you never know what impact you can have on those around you. you may need a tissue or two, but you are also sure to laugh as well. it was just one of those good movies that should appeal to all.

last night i watched my net flix pick of the week. it was called, "the visitor". turned out to also be good. sad in the end, but good. a depressed professer heads to new york to read an academic paper. he and his wife had a place in the city, but he obviously hadn't been there for quite sometime since his wife had died. he meets up with a couple that have been living in his apartment....they'd supposedly "rented it" from some guy...anyway...he ends up getting more and more involved in thier lives. he is able to find his way back to life with these strangers. so another good flick.

have had a week of headaches and canker sores. if i eat too much salty stuff my mouth breaks out. really annoying. i'm a bit buzzed as i decided to have a glass of wine. i'm such a lightweight. it's pretty sad really. i didn't even make it through half the glass when i started feeling the effects. have a nice mix of apples, cheese and chocolate to enjoy my glass o wine with. my mouth feels fine now and no headache...thank you wine!! it's kinda like laughing gas at the dentist. you still have pain...but you no longer give a crap about it. :-).

took my PALS resert class yesterday. always seems a tedious day. i always try to avoid code situations. i prefer to know someone will die and prepare accordingly. don't like it when people die without warning. you usually get warning. sometimes you just have to be watching closely for those signs. good to be prepared...but these classes can be a bit silly at times. nursing is always a series of jumping through the hoops. i'm getting better at not getting annoyed and just jumping through the hoop before me.

after class i grabbed the pups to head to the dog park. blossom had a close call with a car. never pays to be in a hurry. she must be leashed to go from the house to the car. she just gets so excited if someone is out there and heads out to say hello...scared the hell out of me. i'd be devastated if she got hit by a car. i know i'd never be able to forgive myself for such stupidity. luckily, it was just a scarey reminder for me. so two days at the dog park. tomorrow i will definitely have to do something more fun for us.

i'm on a stay-cation at present. plan on getting some christmas stuff done for sure. it is late so i'm off to sleep...

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