Sunday, November 22, 2009

kicksleds and walks....

the pets were all on the couch the other day. they looked cozy and happy so i just had to snap off a few. above is mufasa and below is pogi, blossom and rio.
the sunset yesterday was pretty. just took a shot as i headed to the craft fair. this is taken on northern lights blvd. i'm starting to feel a bit of a sinus thing coming on. hopefully, it will just go away...don't want it messing with my little staycation.

lucky for the kids out there, the north pole post office will continue on with thier santa answering service. they started doing it in the 50's. so it's been going on for a long time. a girl i work with said she grew up there and as youth they volunteered to answer letters. i guess like 200 people volunteer to answer all the letters that get sent to "santa, north pole". sad to see it stopped for silliness, but our world is full of silliness these days. apparently, a similar program in virginia was stopped after it was found that one of the volunteers was a registered sex offender. fears that registered sex offenders could use the kids names and addresses.

we can't protect everyone from everyone in this world. i guess the added work of blanking out the kids names and addresses was getting overwhelming for such a small post office. the whole town is set up as a christmas town year round.

spent several hours outside today. it warmed to 20 degree's though i feel a bit chilled anyway. i think blossom is pretty worn out...she hasn't brought me her toys to toss for her while i watch a little tv. first we all went to the bog for a loop. i tested out the new coupler. it's a dog leash adapter that i bought at the craft show yesterday. not sure it is great for the morning bog walk,but would be great for street walks and taking the dogs to public places.

after the bog i took blossom to n. bivouac park. i had loaded the kicksled so thought i'd take it for a spin. should have added my cleats...the kicksled works on packed snow, works better on ice though. we booked it to the creek down the tank trail and back, then i loaded the kicksled in the car and blossom and i headed out for a walk. below is blossom all loaded in the element with all our winter gear. kicksled, check, snowshoes, check, skiing gear, check, blossom's harness, check, ice get the idea!!

wanted to play more on the kicksled and so off we went to cuddy park. it's right by the library and they just added an oval for speed skating. wasn't sure if just anyone could use it, but when i arrived i saw that everyone was. wish they would put lights out there. there were several slow speed skaters, families and a few dogs. everyone was friendly. i put blossom's harness on and my cleats and off we went. blossom doesn't really get the pulling thing. she was trained not to. some nice folks out there attempted to coach blossom no avail. she sure looks cute in her harness though.

below are a few of the speed skaters making thier way around the track.

blossom is a cutie...can't tell whether she is having fun or not...she was wagging alot.

i'm off to make some apple muffins to take to the monday walk tomorrow. i'm hoping it snows out there...would love to use the snow shoes. may meet up at the cuddy again in the afternoon to try again with blossom. sandra said she has ice skates and she may be able to coax blossom to run a bit. will be fun anyway.


  1. That kick sled looks neat. I have the same problem with Wesley. He pulls,but not consistently. I tried him with a friend`s dog scooter and he pulled for a bit,then would slack off. It was fun,though. There is a short video clip on his dogster page.

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  3. hey there!! tried blossom with the harness and my cross country ski's yesterday. she was pulling me all different directions...had to just take her off, then we both had fun. thanks for stopping by!

  4. Can you tell me where you got the kicksled? The Finnish company hasn't responded to my inquiries. Did you purchase them locally? I would love to carry them in my bike shop for winter. Thanks for the info in advance. Please contact me at: