Thursday, November 19, 2009

should be studying....

and really...i'm going to get down to it...right after this. really...really i will. has been a week of headaches for me. still lingering and i hope i don't have to deal with this again tomorrow. i went to the chiropractor today and got the one i like a bit better which is nice as he worked on my knots abit. hopefully, that will help them dissapate tonight.

it's been cold, cold, cold this week. temperatures -10F to +5F. at work the tube system starts to howl and sounds very spooky when the temperatures outside get low like this so it's like having ghosts around you. work wasn't overly stressful on peds these past two days. had the opportunity to catch up on my gossip magazines. one patients mom had bought out the house on gossip mags and gave them to us after she was done. i'm now totally up to date. apparently tom cruise and his wife are having issues and she can't leave cause he'll take suri and raise her as a scientologist robot....brad pitt is drinking excessively and texting jennifer anniston which angelina doesn't like. chas, cher's daughter....becoming a son is getting huge...i wasn't aware that in order to change sex one must become totally overweight. we did laugh as chas had her breasts removed...which considering her large size as a man we felt she should have left...plenty of men have man boobs. this also always makes me curious as she has a lesbian partner...if you are a lesbian and your lesbian lover becomes a man can you still stay with them or will that become a problem. so this is what i learned at work when i should have been studying for my PALS class tomorrow.

i believe these are bohemian waxwings. they travel in large numbers and flit from tree to tree. my walks were mostly in the bog, though i did do a loop up in n. bivouac the other day. gets almost too cold for photography. the battery just doesn't last as long and i tend to just get on with the business of walking in order to prevent getting colder than i am. movement is good.
my netflix the other day was called "arranged". i quite enjoyed it. two young women, who are teachers meet at the school they have been hired to teach at. one is from an orthodox jew family and the other is muslim. they live in new york i believe. they are both dealing with their families arranging thier marriages. of course, the other teachers they work with and especially the principle are a bit condescending of such an arrangement. thier respective families are less than thrilled as well that these two have struck up a friendship. it all works out in the end.
i suspect that an arranged marriage isn't necessarily any more risky than some of the partners we choose for ourselves. i think much of marriage is luck and then there is some work and compromise involved. a few people get very lucky and find someone that really suits them. whether this is by thier own choosing or by the choosing of others...who knows. in the arranged one i suspect that how well your parents know you and the pressures of socioeconomic status would be a factor. as in all, it depends on the individuals involved. with over 50% divorce rate...i suspect there is proof that we don't always choose for ourselves well. of course, in arranged marriages probably divorce isn't an option. anyway...i liked the movie. i think it showed the struggles that we all have with these major life issues and with our parents and how we decide to live our we follow the beliefs of those before us or do we strike out on our own.

did have some excitement in the bog the other day. rio must have split open her ear on a brush when we were out on the pond. it was so cold that the blood didn't fly everywhere like it would normally. must congeal quickly...anyway..i didn't notice her ear bleeding though in retrospect she was rubbing her head in the snow. near the end of the walk i noticed that my white snow pants were covered in what looked like a rust coloured paint...then i noticed that rio's collar and leash were also covered....then it occured to me that it was actually blood. it started to bleed normally once we were in the warm house and it took a bit for me to feel safe. ears bleed like the dickens and her ears are jumbo size. once another dog bit her ear and she kept shaking all dressings off i attempted to place there...blood would then splatter up the walls. very nice.

lots of cool frost on the trees due to the chill factor. okay...i'm really off to study now.


  1. Those are the same big questions I contemplate for longer than I should: if you're gay with a partner of the same sex & they have a sex change operation, does that change the relationship? Hmmm... I'm pretty sure there are some South Park episodes about that.

  2. i really need to watch some south park...i hear they make fun of everything!

  3. They really do. No one gets away with not getting mocked, which is what makes it so great -- every religion, every political party, every celebrity. It's hilarious. It's so wrong in so many ways, but such great societal satire.