Monday, November 23, 2009

monday walking....

just a few pictures from today's monday dog walk. above are the dogs of the day by the creek...which was a bit mushy due to the 30 degree temps ...buddha, boddhi,cooper, indy and blossom.
below tanya, andrea and karen enjoy the mild weather!
the dogs investigate possible stick options. the malamutes meet and greet!!

sharon is ever pupular with the hot dogs in her pockets...i'm sure it's her charming personality and nothing to do with the hot dog bits . hehe..

woke with sinus issues. weak, muscle aches. i opted out of the short walk with blossom and rio and saved my strength for the big monday walk. 5 humans and 5 dogs. it warmed up today into the 30's. luckily, i dressed right and wasn't too hot, though i suspect that i had a fever while walking. sharon was excited to finally meet the malamute pup.

i made those apple muffins for the after walk coffee house break. tanya and andrea joined me and then we ran into dr kamali there so he joined us. he's one of the intensivists we work with. always fun. just a great guy, easy to work with, smart...charming and adorable. his wife is a lucky gal i'd say. he's totally easy to tease and catch up in a joke. so that was fun.

my body was feeling a bit pained so i headed back to bed for a bit. so the rest of the day...lazy, sick girl. hopefully, this will pass. i've been wanting to hit the grocery store all's after 10pm and i haven't made it back out of my pajama's...tomorrow. hopefully, there is still a turkey breast left. if not...i'll opt for ham or even some king crabbers...that actually sounds wonderful! when in king crab for turkey day!!
well, it's early but i'm calling it a day!!

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