Wednesday, November 25, 2009

still battling sinuses and canker sores...

overall i feel better but still got tired just going around the bog with the pups. no snow yet, but i'm still hopeful. i went straight from the bog to the grocery store for that turkey breast. food is the last thing i really want right now with all these sores in my mouth. i have a few big sores and then the taste buds on my tongue are all irritated and sore. it's rather annoying.
i rested and then headed back out with blossom. it was so quiet and peaceful out there. we went to campbell airstrip. i'll post a few more pictures tomorrow perhaps. i'm sleepy now. i saw that the mushing trail wasn't blocked off so we went the back route. saw nobody and it was just blossom, me and the crunch of snow and sounds of the woods.
everytime i go there is less of the creek open. the ice flow looks cool though. in between tossing the tennis ball i take a few pictures.

was pretty lazy again the rest of the evening. had hoped to get some more accomplished. just some home stuff, dishes, laundry and such. i did get a few christmas gifts wrapped. i should write the annual letter and start addressing envelopes. i bought a few dvd's online, mostly replacing vhs tapes that i've had. there is a sale at i love that place. will be fun to see movies that i haven't been able to watch for some time. those are good between net flix movies.
it's late as i just watched "changeling". i think i spelled that right. despite all the hype that surrounds angelina jolie i think she actually is a good actress. sadly, the hype makes it tough to seperate her public persona from her characters at times. i think she succeeded in this one and it was quite good. i had no idea that the old lapd was so corrupt. those red trolley cars ran right through my old home of south pasadena. i recall them being spoken of.

this last picture of the night i borrowed from sharon. she took it on the monday walk. these ski pants look pretty bold. that dang sandra was with me one day and we were shopping. she desperately wanted me to try them on as they didn't have any in her size. she convinced me to purchase them as they were on sale. they are a bit wild even for me, but everyone assured me they were not seizure inducing. i have nice friends who lie when the truth won't matter. hehe.

now i will try and sleep.

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