Tuesday, November 10, 2009

sink hole on the trail....

getting my hair cut and highlighted tomorrow. how much to cut off. hmm...always the question. i could chop it all off, it's been quite awhile since i've done the lop off. it's winter so if i hate it, i can always just keep a hat on for several months.

watching letterman before i crash. he is loving that video clip of that nasty soccer player who grabbed the byu player by the hair and yanked her to the ground.

another beautiful day here in anchorage. sunshine and blue skies!! finally dragged myself out of bed and got moving. took rio and blossom to the bog for a standard stroll. then off to n. bivouac with blossom. i should have taken more pictures...oh well. i took a different loop than we took yesterday. we headed out the dog trail on the gasaline trail...you walk through a creek and then catch the tank trail back. there is more climbs and it warms you right up. it was a bit scarey though as by the creek was a section that was all roped off with orange cones and fencing. it was a big sinkhole and in the center was a circle of water that was bubbling up from below...? i would have taken a photo, but i got a bit nervous that more of the land would disappear beneath me.

i have been figuring out meals the last few days so decided i should stop at freddies for some real food. i had to drop off a bunch of cat beds and stuff at the shelter so i hit the south store....way more upscale than the one in my hood...what's up with that??

had to stop in and look at the pups in the shelter. mostly pit bull mixes. a cute long legged sled dog/husky. no puppies. not that i'm thinking of bringing one home, just seems like you gotta look at the poor pups if you are there. lots of empty kennels. i guess that's good.

really need to get unlazy and start on the to do list...i suspect that i'll crawl into bed early with a book. it's winter now...one can use the cabin up excuse!!

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