Friday, November 27, 2009

happy thanksgiving...

another thanksgiving is is black friday. i guess i was supposed to wake at 3 am and go shopping. just don't love shopping all that much. i may head to rei or sports authority as i could use some pants. it snowed all night the night before thanksgiving and it is snowing now. i'm off to shower and the other pictures i attempted to add failed. i'll put more pics in later...for now i need to get out there and enjoye the snow.
took the dogs to the bog yesterday and then took blossom out to n. bivouac so that i could enjoy the snow. we snowshoed....well, i snowshoed and blossom chased her frisbee. she gets coated with the snow and melts for hours afterwards. above is a self portrait. below is blossom in all her glory.
sandra and tiffany came over for a thanksgiving feast. it was a relaxing and fun dinner. lots of laughter and of course, good food was had by all. the animals entertained. my crock pot turkey tasted good as did the stuffing i made. i was all happy, though i realized later that i forgot to get out the desert i'd bought. silly me.

blossom couldn't relax as long as she knew we had guests...she kept bringing her toys to sandra and insisting on attention. sandra was very graceful in accomadating the fluffy pup. i ended up sitting on the dog bed with rio as she wanted to get on her couch and it was the only way she'd chill, which meant that my arse got soaked as blossom had dried herself from her snow day on the bed earlier.

tiffany had the duty of cutting up the turkey. she did a fine job...

sorry to rush, but there is snow out there to be played in. i added these pictures last night and went to bed while they loaded. i'll try and repost pictures later and give a more substantial report on the holiday later...maybe! otherwise the pictures will just have to speak for themselves. happy thanksgiving all...i have so much to be thankful for, family, friends, pets, is good and i am lucky to be so blessed as i am.

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