Sunday, November 8, 2009


got a call from sharon this morning so blossom and i met up with she and cooper for a walk in palmer. it's halfway between us since she lives in sutton. i'd never been there, but there are lots of lakes there and a several walking options. it was a nice day as it turned out. snow really started falling as i was just getting home.
first i took rio and blossom up patterson. rio got to visit with her husky friend up the road. she gets so excited. she's limping a bit this evening.
above is cooper pinning blossom. they had fun in this open area romping. blossom is much quicker and agile than the bigger cooper, but he managed to pin her a few times.
below is an eagles nest we saw along the trail. i guess we walked 4.7 miles. it was a really pretty out there with blue skies popping out at various places highlighting the snow covered mountains. the drive out was super pretty. i stopped a few times to snap off a photo.

see how pretty it all is. tomorrow the world will be white. below is sharon with the dogs. look how pretty they are sitting for her....could it be the treats? later she leashed up cooper and blossom must have known she had the upper paw. she took off and started teasing cooper. he was about to drag sharon across the field so i put her on leash as well. they ran alot though and blossom is pretty sleepy...though she keeps waking up and wanting to check on the snow situation. they dogs get silly happy when it snows. i guess we all do.

we are finally getting snow. it started a bit this morning, but it's building. not sure how much we'll end up with by the morning. i took the opportunity to load my car up with skiis and snowshoes.

was watching a show on noah's ark. apparently there are loads of people out looking for the actual ark. seeing arks from the sky on mt ararat and seeing boats in rocks on the mountains in the region. it occured to me that religion is faith based and perhaps not finding proof is more in gods plan. faith is the test, right? maybe these people looking really are trying to find proof so they can have faith...maybe really they aren't the believers they desire to be and finding proof will not only prove it to others, but to themselves as well. the ark and noah are a story of faith. ironic really.

do i believe a man and his family built a boat big enough to hold 2 of every animal literally...guess i don't have enough faith to believe that. it's no doubt based on something that did actually happen, but has been made larger over the years. stories tend to grow with time. that i can believe. i believe noah was a man of great faith and he may have built a boat and put some animals and his family on it for a journey he felt directed by God to take.

always found it funny when people would get up in church on fast and testimony meeting and say they "know the church is true". of course, knowledge is based in facts and the truth is, these people don't know really, they believe in thier hearts. they may believe so much in thier hearts that to them it becomes fact, but it's still a leap of faith to believe one faith or any faith is the truth. though at times it seemed like some of those testifying were really just out to prove they had more faith than others. i may think this is the true church, but i know. i think the real proof of faith is action though. how one lives thier life. what you put out there, how you interact with the people in your life. not just the ones you live with and love, but also those who share this earth with us and the creatures and plants that grow around us.

well on to less deep subjects. my tuna helper is almost that means dinner. yep..i'm eating tuna helper. it's actually pretty tasty.


  1. Love the photos, especially of the dogs & Sharon.

    And I agree with you... whether you believe in God or don't believe in God, believe in a certain denomination or not, it's all still a belief. It's all still faith of one kind or another. I get annoyed with people who seem to get their self-esteem from thinking they have more faith than others. Who's to tell anyway?

  2. here, here...!! i agree faith is personal. noah probably wasn't screaming from the rooftops of his faith, he just believed and acted on that belief. it's all simple and basic really.
    the pups will be totally happy today...and the pictures will be covered in white...we got up to 5 inches of snow last night.