Sunday, November 15, 2009

it's well below zero...does your heater work???

tossed in a picture of the horseback riders from a monday walk a few weeks back,before snow. always looks like a fun ride. lucky for us we didn't see them this past week when we had so many out there. the next bunch are from campbell airstrip trail with blossom. the creek is partly frozen.
blossom is partly frozen as well.

campbell creek bridge at the begining of rovers run.

these are taken at campbell airstrip trail...rovers run-moose meadow. i went with blossom and then we went up the road to another trailhead to take the sunset picture. i always love the blue skies against the twisted tree branches. below i snuck a shot at some moutain bikers as they cruised across the bridge. i had no idea how it would turn out as i held it by my belly and just aimed it in the direction of the bikers. i just think it's cool that people bike all year here. even in temps below zero you will see some diehard commuters out there with thier big studded tires and they have these big mitts that attach to the handlebars to keep your hands warm. i am not a bike commuter, but anchorage does have loads of trails and there are people who bike and ski to work and school. kinda cool really.

got a nice note from dr gitomer. he'd made a comment to me after i told him about the graphics sheet incident about writing a note to the physician action line...i really had no idea what this is. still don't i guess, but the note got passed along to the director of nursing and back down through the adult icu management. it was a general note..."the acc nurses providing sledd care to the patient XXXXXX in the picu demonstrated excellence in aspects of nursing care. they performed with outstanding skill, calm demeanor and cool confidence in the setting of a tiny child who was critically ill. they were excellent team players with the picu staff and all of them demonstrated the true professionalism i have come to expect in the acc nurses". anyway....always nice to get kudo's. it doesn't happen all that often in nursing.

took this picture looking down into campbell creek ice and water. oh and a leaf! below was one of the pictures i took near sunset...that would be around 3 pm for those who live south.

ms rio loves her coat and booties! such a sweetie! she got the zoomies again...she just gets so excited in her winter gear. went to the bog a few times these past few days and yesterday was out at the dog park. ran into my dog park pal jack and his dane, chloe. there are a few dog parkers that i've known since a few months after i moved to anchorage. he's one of them. nice guy.

i think it's super cold out there right now. i'll be bummed if i get called in and have to brave the cold...however, i already had to brave the cold inside. the heater is having some issue. i hope it's just a filter issue. anyway, i was chatting with jeff and when i went downstairs the temp was 55 F. brr!! not supposed to be that cold inside the house. outside the temps are below 0 i believe. should be a chilly walk tomorrow.

they have me on call tonight. i am hoping they leave me be. just finished 3 nights in acc. they were actually pretty laid back nights. the only problem with that was that i had a picu trainee with me. she ended finding other interesting and exciting patients. i decided i was more like her sponser down there. she is nice, does have a few social skill lapses and i spoke to her about being more helpful with the seemingly dull stuff in order to get called for the cooler stuff. i think she had probably convinced her that picu isn't going to be her cup of tea. she seems to like the crazy stuff so er or the adult unit will probably suit her more....unfortunately for her, nursing isn't always crazyness...often it's minute to minute, monitering...some patience can be helpful. in an icu though, the craziness will always show itself. hopefully, i was able to help her improve her skills. she did comment about me being a drill sargeant. i think she meant it as a compliment?? hmm? a new job is always hard, and her having some social skills make it harder to meld in. she seems nice enough and smart enough. just needs to get more focused and stay with the situation.

there was a post open heart that ended up passing the next night so she stayed over with that nurse much of the last 2 nights. the lady was 82 and knew that she had little chance of living through the surgery. i don't think she was going to live without it either. i guess her husband of many years passed a month ago and she said she was okay...had a good whatever the outcome she was going to be fine with it. i love when people have had a satisfying life and can pass away without trying to fight it, but with peace.

checked in with my brother jeff. he wants me to get skype...i guess he took a job full time up in sacramento and since his partner and child are in southern california it's a great way for him to tuck her in each night. i was thinking of heading south for thanksgiving but i got too late of a jump on it. i'll have to clean the house and have some folks over maybe. he's gotta figure out what thier plan is anyway...can his partner find a job up in sacramento and then just rent out their place in southern cal or will he continue to commute.

also spoke to another brother tom, he was in florida on business. always great to check in with the relatives.
well, i'm going to take a chance and close my eyes. lots to do tomorrow. get a new filter for the heater, arrange for a check on it, maybe get my health screen if i still can, chiropractor, monday walk...i'd take stuff to the recycling, but i finally signed up for curbside. it's in my hood finally. $8/month. that will be nice, will take me a few weeks to catch's only every other week. i also need to get my pals book to study for a class this friday.

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