Wednesday, November 11, 2009

veterans day blizzard...

the girls get rawhide treats...the equivalant of a nerf ball for them i guess. just a way to keep them from getting to bothered by sitting around. i did toss the tennis ball for 20 minutes or so outside for blossom as i shoveled the back deck and picked up the doggie remnants. for some reason blossom is more enthusiastic about me throwing things for her if i seem busy. if i'm totally focused on her she gets bored.
after i shoveled the snowed and blowed so these are blossom's tracks on the back deck. i actually like to shovel. below is northern lights blvd before the major rush...the red tail lights are headed into lake otis. it's a bit rough out there, but better than it had been a few minutes earlier...slippery though.

the day started windy so i stayed in bed a little longer reading the paper and watching snow blow around. went to see my friend jessie for my "spa day". i actually haven't had a haircut since last was time to pamper myself a bit. he just opened a new salon. looks great. always awesome when someone makes thier dream happen. just gotta make the leap sometimes i guess. my hair is now 6 inches shorter and has some blonde highlights back in.

i had blossom with me with the intentions of taking her for a nice walk, but as he worked on my hair the snow started really coming down and the wind was howling. in the end i opted to just miss the worst of the traffic and head home. it can be tough to see the lane lines. still, some people try to speed ahead on the right turn only lane and then slip into traffic at the last minute. at lake otis ( a busy intersection) a woman tried just that. she was ticked that i didn't let her in and did the double flip off...i just laughed. it was her own fault. they said there were 60 wrecks between noon and no point messing around with it. i just take my time, don't rush and i made it home without event. well, other than getting flipped off i guess. people really can be idiots.

that lady that was drunk and killed another motorist was in court. she looked like a school marm. anyone can be a drunk. she was 4x the legal limit.

it's veterans day...thanks to all those who have served, those who serve now and to the families who sacrifice for our freedom.

other news....the swan that was shot with an arrow is now in washington...she got flown south by alaska air...thanks alaska air and will now be some sort of sanctuary or reserve i guess. tomorrow president obama will stop in and give a speech to the military in anchorage en route to asia.

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