Wednesday, November 25, 2009

the snow is falling.....

i spent the night waiting for the snow and it's coming down now. i'll be snowshoeing tomorrow for sure!! yippee!! took a very excited rio and blossom to the bog. i must say i was a bit concerned that rio would let loose with some diarrhea. apparently i left the spare room door open where i'm collecting gifts for christmas packages. while i was in the shower rio nudged her way in and delighted in a rasperry filled chocolate bar. so far i've seen no ill effects.
the sun sets early here. after i returned home and realized that the thanksgiving gathering was planned for my house and i'd need to clean...i left for the hills to enjoy the mild weather and scenery. turned out to be a beautiful afternoon. on the way up campbell airstrip road i saw my friend gil and her two labradoodles. i hadn't seen them since they were mere pups so i had to stop and say hi. hopefully, she'll join us for a monday walk. she'd just finished her walk. blossom and i headed up to basher trailhead. anchorage was socked in with clouds but you could see the alaska range and even denali mountain from underneath. always cool when that happens. so above is denali mountain and below is the alaska range. the sunset colours were begining to show themselves.
the sunset colours were bouncing off the inlet. just spectacular!! blossom was just happy to be outside chasing her tennis ball.

just loved the light and colours through the tree's. afterwards i headed to earthquake park, but the views weren't that great there so i headed to downtown. the colours were at their peak. loved the reflections.

the train went by while i was out there. kinda dark, but thought it looked like the sunset was the light on the front of the train. i had a few stores in town to hit so figured i'd circle town running errands. i also wanted to hit costco. i know very exciting.
cool comercial on by wwf. they have all these animals trying to call senators to get action on climate warming. i've got the house about as clean as it's going to get...for the moment. i've been enjoying watching all the flakes come down. it's so peaceful outside. blossom keeps going out and laying in the snow. she stays out long enough to get totally covered and then returns inside with all her snow.

this one was taken back on basher trailhead.

personally, i think the next one is my picture of the day. loved how it came out, reflection, colour!! alaska never bores you. even a simple sunset stuns! this is the alaska range off across the cook inlet i'd guess. so a rather dull day here in days are dull. should i take pictures of the actually somewhat clean house knowing that it will rapidly fall into it's usual state of madness. tomorrow i'll toss the turkey in the crock pot and head off into the woods. at costco i saw those king crabs....should have gotten some for tomorrow. oh well. maybe christmas. of course, i'll be working both christmas and new years...but right now i'm on vacation!!

tossed in a few pictures from yesterday. first is another of the creek and the ice.

next, another one of those cool wasp nests. very intricately made. i didn't get as close as last time, but they are cool. what do wasps do in the winter? do they return to the same nests next year? so many questions that i'll never bothering to find the answer.
lastly....this is what the road and trailhead are named for. this is campbell airstrip. it's a back up airstrip in the event of emergency as ours is build in the turnigan area which broke into tiny bits during the big '64 quake. i've only actually seen one plane land on this runway. they discourage people from walking on the airstrip, but many still do. it's great open space for skiing and such.

well, this cleaning stuff wears me out!! there is much i could do still, but i'll head to bed so that i can enjoy all the white fluffy stuff coming down tonight. there will also be some shoveling that will be required. i actually enjoy shoveling snow, though i really don't mind when the neighbor kids come do it for me.


  1. Love the photos in this post, Betsy! Awesome colors in those sunset ones.

  2. it's nice that the sun sets so early right now...i'm already out walking so i don't miss it. those were taken between 3-4 pm.